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Assistant Superintendent's Office

The Assistant Superintendent for District Services oversees and manages the operation of the Safety and Security Services Department, which includes the cluster security police specialists, school police services and fire safety.

2700 W. 15th Street, Plano TX 75075
(469) 752-8001
Fax (469) 752-8260

Dr. Kary Cooper                                                                                             

Assistant Superintendent for District Services
Phone: (469) 752-8001 | E-mail:

Liz Tycom 

Legal Specialist, Executive Assistant
to Assistant Superintendent for District Services
Phone: (469) 752-8001 |


Safety and Security Services

Main Number: (469) 752-8057

Executive Director's Office

Name Position Phone E-mail
Joseph L. Parks Executive Director 469-752-8057
Shawn Fullagar Coordinator 469-752-8107
Shannon Patterson Office Manager 469-752-8109
Susan Archer Support Specialist 469-752-8114

Terri Klein Support Specialist 469-752-8919
Annette Stokes Support Specialist 469-752-8159
Robyn White Support Specialist 469-752-8903

Security Specialists

Name Position Phone E-mail
Larry Frazier East Cluster 469-752-4703
Charlette Gabriel Southwest Cluster / K9 469-752-6792
Emmett Smith Northwest Cluster / K9 469-752-5626

Dana Davis Investigations / Safe Schools Audits 469-752-8236

Canine Handler

Name Position Phone E-mail
Brandon Gibson K9 Handler 469-752-6919

School Resource Officers

The District partners with the Plano Police Department and Murphy Police Department in staffing each High School and Senior High School with a full time School Resource Officer or "SRO".

School Name/Department Phone E-mail

SRO Supervisor

(for Plano Police SROs)

Sgt. A.D. Paul

Plano Police Dept

Clark High School

Art Parker

Plano Police Dept

Guinn Special Programs

Barry Rodgers

Plano Police Dept

Jasper High School

Joe Mclelland

Plano Police Dept

McMillan High School

Kris Riebschlager

Murphy Police Dept


Plano East Senior High

Troy Bourgeois

Plano Police Dept

Plano Senior High

Buddy Smith

Plano Police Dept


Plano West Senior High

Greg Williams

Plano Police Dept

Shepton High School

Martin Kutz

Plano Police Dept

Vines High School

Josh Gautreaux

Plano Police Dept

Williams High School

Rick Armor

Plano Police Dept