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Strategic Plan 2013-18

Strategic Plan
Prior Year Initiatives
Lifelong Learner Traits

The five-year revision of the Plano ISD Strategic Plan was adopted by the school board on May 7, 2013.

A survey was conducted as a research tool. See findings:

StudentVision Statement

Plano ISD schools empower students to be able to adapt to new learning and career opportunities throughout their lives, collaborate with, and contribute to, the global community and to be disciplined and creative in their thinking.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Plano Independent School District is to provide an excellent education for each student.


2016-17 District Initiatives

  • Close opportunity and achievement gaps through pervasive learner focused support
  • Build support and value an innovative, learning and mission-driven organizational culture

District Goals

Plano ISD has two major ongoing district goals:

  • Ensure continued improvement in student learning.
  • Ensure efficient use of resources.

Core Beliefs

Today's classroom, community and global environments demand new learning standards for students, so that they will have the ability to successfully live in, learn in, lead and contribute to a world that is truly global, connected and increasingly competitive in scope and character. Successful learning is created by developing and maximizing each individual's:

  • Essential academic, creative, communication, collaboration and critical thinking skills.
  • Strong appreciation of arts and cultures.
  • Responsible citizenship and character traits of integrity and ethics.
  • Mental and physical well-being.

Successful learning is best achieved through engagement and collaborative partnerships with parents, families, positive adult and student role models and all sectors of the broader community. These partnerships include:

  • Continuous engagement to strengthen relationships, establish trust and unity to better serve students.
  • Collective accountability including shared vision, cooperative effort and responsible action among families, students, staff and the community.
  • More vigorous corporate/local/state partnerships that generate the public involvement and community support needed to meet the demands of learning standards essential to the success of today's learner.
  • Schools that are accountable to the local community. Accountability systems should reflect the performance of teachers and students in achieving successful student learning.



We believe that a learning community must create the conditions and capacities most conducive for students, teachers and leaders to perform at high levels and meet the expectations of Plano ISD learning standards. Ensuring high levels of student learning requires constant capacity development of the entire learning community. Such capacity development includes:

  • Attracting, training and retaining a highly qualified staff that is reflective of our student population.
  • Developing strong leadership to promote and challenge the district to accomplish its mission.
  • Cultivating continuous innovation to improve organizational systems and processes.
  • Integrating all systems to focus on improving teaching and learning.
  • Implementing classroom strategies and technology tools to create personalized learning, and effective and efficient system management.
  • Leveraging technology's potential to enrich and deepen the understanding of our students, so that the work designed for them is more engaging and respects their interactions with digital devices and connections to information and each other.
  • Understanding the demographics of the student population, creating learning opportunities designed to support each student's specific needs, and enhancing learning through the education of families.
  • Improving school infrastructures to support the Plano ISD learning standards and classroom environments.
  • Understanding the global climate of competition for a highly educated work force.

StudentContinuous improvement of both student and system performance is essential and must be shaped through datainformed decision-making.

  • Continuous improvement means the use of relevant and readily available data to improve learning and organizational effectiveness;
  • Measuring the growth of student achievement, including critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity and problem-solving skills, is accomplished using multiple measures;
  • Appropriate and varied types of assessments are essential for informing students about their level of success in ways that affirm and stimulate their efforts and for informing their teachers, so that more personalized learning experiences may be provided in a timely way.

Strategic Goals

Student Learning

We will provide an innovative curriculum, engaging instructional programs and services that prepare graduates to succeed in post-secondary experiences and thrive in a global society.

Student Learning Objectives:

  • We will provide personalized learning experiences.
  • We will provide cultural experiences at each grade level in order to become contributing global citizens.
  • We will provide students with choices at all grade levels.
  • We will provide students with choices in digital learning environments.
  • We will honor and support teacher creativity and innovation in the classroom.

Community Connectedness

We will develop community partnerships to promote collective responsibility, involvement and support of public education to ensure student success.

Community Connectedness Objectives:

  • We will engage all stakeholders through multiple media and in-person venues, periodic surveys and active listening.
  • We will provide a community-based accountability system to assess the criteria valued by the Plano ISD community.
  • We will promote the district's achievements and reputation to a global audience.
  • We will continue and expand our partnership with the Plano ISD business community.
  • The Board of Trustees will continue and expand dialogue with other elected governmental officials.
  • We will advocate with the state legislature for balanced state and local partnership in public education.

Capacity Development

We will provide innovative learning opportunities for all employees to continually develop their professional capacity, creativity and interpersonal skills to maximize student learning.

We will acquire and efficiently manage appropriate resources to create and support employee effectiveness and to maximize student learning.

We will systematically evaluate programs, support services and facilities to promote student learning.

Capacity Development Objectives:

  • We will inventory all programs and services and strategically abandon programs to redeploy resources.
  • We will create and support professional learning communities in order to enhance teaching and learning.
  • We will evaluate and update facilities in order to provide a safe, secure, and effective instructional environment.
  • We will, continuously, seek out and develop systems of quality instruction.

Data-Informed Decision-Making

We will analyze and use relevant data to improve student achievement and district operations.

Data-Informed Decision-Making Objectives:

We will provide engagement opportunities to create understanding and stakeholder ownership of student performance.


· Courtesy

· Honesty

· Human Worth and Dignity

· Justice

· Patriotism

· Personal Obligation for
  the Public Good

· Respect for Self and

· Respect for Authority

· Courage

· Discipline

· Tolerance

· Responsibility

Plano ISD students will be

· self-directed learners

· effective communicators

· complex thinkers

· quality producers

· responsible citizens and

· collaborative contributors

who apply the following lifelong learner traits.