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Plano ISD Policy GKD (Local)opens in new window requires our superintendent or superintendent designee to approve all literature distributed on our campuses.

Distribution request forms are available in the Communications Department located at 2700 W. 15th Street and must be submitted in person. We do not accept mailed, faxed or e-mailed submissions. Accompanying the approval form, you will provide a flyer or single-page brochure that you are proposing to distribute to the schools. We do not accept business card sized items, newspapers, magazines or assembled packets.

All items submitted for review must contain this disclaimer; the text of the disclaimer must appear underlined, bold-faced type of at least 12-point font placed at the top center of each document to be distributed.-

This non-school activity/publication is not sponsored or endorsed by the Plano Independent School District.

For flyers in Spanish please use this Spanish disclaimer -

Esta actividad/publicación no escolar no cuenta con el patrocinio ni es refrendado por el Distrito Escolar Independiente de Plano.

Once the item is approved, the individual submitting the information must pick up the original approval form and item submitted for review from the Communications Department. The form and item will contain an embossed approval seal assuring the principal that the material has been approved for distribution. 

You are required to show this original form to the principal or office staff at the school where the material will be distributed. If you are distributing to multiple schools, please remember that you must show the original embossed approval form and item approved for distribution at each location. If the principal or office staff requests copies of the appropriate approval documentation make sure you leave with the original copies. These forms do not authorize the distributor to meet with or visit students or district personnel.

Materials approved for the distribution area are not approved for eNews distribution or Web site posting.

Five business days are allowed to process your request.  Plano ISD will contact you when the approval form is ready.

For further information you may contact the Plano ISD Communications Department at 469-752-8150.