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Plano ISD Data Dashboard

Plano ISD's data dashboard is an online reference tool which provides comparative data for Plano ISD and neighboring districts.

This data dashboard contains four main areas:

  • Accountability Standards and Distinctions
  • Student Achievement and Technology Readiness
  • College and Career Readiness Indicators
  • Financial Indicators

Plano ISD is a competitive and extraordinarily successful school system, which educates the largest student population in Collin County. Our shared vision for the 55,000 students in our 72 schools is that they are college and career ready upon high school graduation. That readiness is taught in our early childhood school programs through our senior high schools.

How does Plano achieve highly-competitive results such as those found in this dashboard? The answer is that our vision is shared and embraced by our 6,500 dedicated faculty and staff members, our involved school PTAs and our greater business and civic community. Plano prides itself on fostering an educated populace with high expectations.

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Data comparisons are provided for:

accountability standards
and distinctions

student achievement

technology readiness

college & career readiness

financial indicators