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Students Participate in Mock Elections Across School District

November 9, 2012

Students at Sigler Elementary School kicked off their week at a school assembly then headed to the ballot boxes to participate in their school's mock presidential election. Plano Mayor Phil Dyer and School Trustee Carrolyn Mobeius cast the first votes at Sigler, after addressing the student body about the importance of voting.

Click here to watch Sigler mock election video.

Watch this video (Download MP4 video or View on YouTube video) featuring Sigler Elementary School's mock election. Produced by Plano ISD TV.

"We take so many things for granted in our country that the rest of the world does not get. I think it's important for these kids to learn at an early age about the voting process to where it just becomes a natural part of their lives. They control their future by being involved," Mayor Dyer said.

Mayor Dyer and Trustee Carrolyn Moebius both addressed the Sigler students about the importance of voting before each grade level of students lined up to cast their ballots.

Mock Elections Conducted Districtwide

Following is a round up of news reports from our schools. View all related images on Plano ISD's facebook photo album.

Christie Elementary School Students Grades K-5

Mock Election

Christie Elementary School first grade students

First grade students at Christie Elementary School read the book "My Teacher for President" and then voted for their teacher Ms. Ransom to be the next President of the United States. Christie students in grades K-5 all participated in a schoolwide mock presidential election.

Employee Child Care Center (18th Street)

Mock Election

Employee Child Care Center students and caregiver Ashley Ellis

Children in the Plano ISD Employee Child Care Center on 18th Street learned all about the voting and election process this week with caregiver Ashley Ellis and caregiver aide Rachel Brown who read to students the books "If I ran for President" and the "If I Grew Up with Abraham Lincoln," "Vote" and "My Teacher for President."

These busy young learners have participated in the following activities:

  • learned about past presidents, what they did and how everyone can vote. Students created an “Honest Abe” craft made from their hand print and used manipulative cubes to count pretend votes.
  • cut and paste pictures and words from newspapers to make a “Presidential Collage."
  • visited a mock voting booth in their classroom and voted for their favorite characters Elmo, Cookie Monster and Perry the Platypus.
  • created a bar graph on the wall to show how each vote counted.
  • learned about the White House and the president's responsibilities.
  • created a Bill of Rights windsock and placed important words on their windsock that they feel are important for presidents.
  • viewed the polls bar graph and talked about our president’s classroom jobs.
  • participate in a “Presidential Word Search" by walking throughout the school in search of words on their vocabulary list. (election, campaign, candidates, independent and president).
  • created a “brave banner” to hang in the hallway to show how much they know about the presidents.

Gulledge Elementary School Students K-5

Mock Election

Gulledge Elementary School "voters"

Gulledge Elementary School Gators were excited to cast their ballots for the next President of the United States.

Hendrick Middle School Social Studies Classes

Mock Election

Teacher Jason Matisoff gives a student an "I Voted" sticker.

Hendrick Middle School students of social studies teacher Jason Matisoff learned about the major issues of this election and where Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney stand on each issue. Students were then engaged in a discussion about what they find to be the important qualities of an effective leader before participating in a mock election.

Huffman Elementary School 2nd Grade Class

Mock Election

Huffman Elementary School second grade students tallied class votes.

Huffman Elementary School second grade students of Julie Jacobi had a mock election to elect a class mascot. They briefly discussed the presidential election and read the story “Grace for President” by Kelly DiPucchio to learn a little more about the electoral college and the importance of voting. Then students discussed what animal would make a good mascot for the class.

The students chose the owl (their classroom theme) and decided whether to vote for Luna the barn owl or Dexter the great horned owl. They filled out voter registration cards and wrote about what they thought made a good leader/mascot. When they showed Ms. Jacobi their voter registration cards, they were given a ballot and went to the voting booth. They put their ballot in the box and they were given an “I Voted” bracelet to wear the rest of the day.

The results? Luna the barn owl won by a narrow margin.

Rasor Elementary School Students K-5

Mock Election

Rasor Elementary School students give voting a thumbs up.

Rasor Elementary School students in grades K through 5 voted on Tuesday, November 6, in a schoolwide mock election. Voting was held in Teacher Becca Schaefer's art room. Librarian Cathy Carter organized the all school vote by signing the school up at and creating the ballot for the students to use. The website is being used around the nation to poll students on their opinions. The polls closed today at 3:00 p.m., and results will be announced tomorrow. Students then signed a banner saying they voted and received an "I Voted" sticker!

Renner Middle School Students Grades 6-8

All students at Renner Middle School voted in a mock election online using the Youth Leadership website. The students did a lesson about the election, candidates, political party platforms, and made campaign posters for the halls, and then were allowed to vote.

Schimelpfenig Middle School Students Grades 6-8

Mock Election

Schimelpfenig Middle School students posed for this yearbook photo.

As an election activity at Schimelpfenig Middle School this year, students learned about the function of the U.S. government and the vital role that the voter plays in deciding the future of the country.

Students began by researching Texas candidates for U.S. Congress, U.S. Senate and the Presidency as part of an activity entitled “Planks in the Platform.” Students described pertinent party platform topics including issues such as  national health care, domestic and foreign policy and budgetary plans for the future of the nation.

Teacher Mitch Matuska reported that Schimelpfenig students learned how the electoral college functions through a school wide instructional period which laid the foundation for our school activity: The Panther Nation Electoral College.

"Students voted by popular vote deciding who our U.S. Representative  and U.S. Senator would be," said Mr. Matuska. "As part of the Panther Nation Electoral College activity, students voted for the candidates with electoral votes at stake for each grade level."

Students showed their enthusiasm in exercising their right by receiving “I Voted” stickers and  were encouraged to watch the election process at home on Tuesday." All in all the election was both educational and enjoyable for the students at Schimelpfenig," said Mr. Matuska.

Shepton High School Health Science Classes

Shepton High School students enrolled in Principles of Health Science classes participated in a presidential election project. "The students were asked to choose which candidate they would vote for based solely on the candidates’ health care platform,” Teacher Janie Gilkison explained. "They were encouraged to use multiple sources of print news, television, Internet and family to get a well-rounded view of the issues."

Topics included Affordable Care Act, Medicare, Medicaid, medical malpractice and global health. Students could research any of the major party candidates (Democratic, Green Party, Libertarian, Republican). The students then wrote a paper explaining why they chose their candidate.

Skaggs Elementary School Students 5th Grade

All fifth grade students at Skaggs Elementary School participated in a mock election as part of their integrated curriculum. "We have been focusing heavily on the Presidential Election and all the requirements and criteria it takes to become President of the United States," said Teacher Lindsey Spencer.


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