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Class of 2013 Graduates' Post-Secondary Readiness & Learning Experiences Tops in State/Nation

October 17, 2013

Plano ISD students' scores on college entrance exams far exceeded state and national averages in 2013. The incomparable performance of Plano ISD students on these exams gives them a competitive edge for college admission and college success.

Towards College & Career ReadinessPDF was presented to the Plano ISD Board of Trustees at an October 15 work session by Paul Weaver, assistant executive director of guidance and family education, and Dr. Dash Weerasinghe, executive director of assessment and accountability.

Post-Secondary Readiness Facts
Class of 2013

Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) Results

  • 2,682 Plano ISD seniors (71% of class) took the SAT.
  • The SAT critical reading score of 555 compares to 471 at the state level and 491 for the nation's students.
  • The SAT math average score was 593 for Plano ISD students and 496 and 503, respectively, for students in Texas and the nation.
  • SAT writing average scores were 541 for Plano ISD students and 456 and 480 across the state and nation, respectively.
  • 2,654 (68%) of Plano ISD juniors participated in the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT).

American College Test (ACT) Results

  • 1,964 (52%) Plano ISD seniors took the ACT exam in 2013 as compared to 1,785 (49%) the previous year.
  • The ACT English average score of Plano ISD students (25.1) far exceeded the average scores of students across Texas (19.8) and the nation (20.2).
  • Plano ISD students scored an average 26.6 on the math exam. Statewide and nationally, students' average scores on the same exam were 21.5 and 20.9, respectively.
  • Reading scores averaged 25.8 for Plano ISD students and 21 and 21.1, respectively, for students in Texas and the nation.
  • The science reasoning average score of Plano ISD students was 25.3. Statewide and nationally, students averaged 20.9 and 20.7, respectively.
  • The percent of ACT tested students ready for college-level coursework as compared to ACT tested students across Texas and the nation are as follows.
    • English composition: PISD-90%, TX-61%, US-64%
    • Algebra: PISD-83%, TX-48%, US-44%
    • Social Science: PISD-74%, TX-43%, US-44%
    • Biology: PISD-72%, TX-36%, US-36%
    • All Four Subjects: PISD-62%, TX-26%, US-26%

Advanced Placement Program

Through the Advanced Placement Program, Plano ISD has opened the door for many students to take AP and honors courses. For many of these students, 2013 was the first time to take an AP test. Plano ISD's AP program is one of the largest in the nation.

  • 43% (3,306) of Plano ISD senior high school students took AP tests for college credit in 2013, and 31% (2,541)of high school students took AP tests for college credit.
  • 12,598 exams were administered to students in Plano ISD high schools and senior high schools in 2013, an increase from 11,508 exams administered the previous year.
  • 79% of AP test scores at the high schools and senior high schools were 3, 4 or 5.
  • 132 middle school students in Plano ISD who took the AP Spanish exam had a 73% passing rate.

International Baccalaureate Program

The IB World School at Plano East is a rigorous course of study designed to meet the needs of highly motivated secondary students and to promote international understanding. Many students earning the IB diploma are awarded advanced college credit at prestigious universities around the world.

  • In 2013, Plano ISD had 113 full diploma candidates in the IB program.
  • 80 IB diplomas were awarded in 2013.
  • IB students took 767 IB exams.

Dual Enrollment through Collin College

Since fall, 2005, Plano ISD has offered a dual enrollment program through Collin College. Spring 2013 enrollment was 511 students. (Fall 2013 enrollment is 665 students.) Students earned college credit through Collin College in the following courses: US History, Government, Economics and English IV.

National Merit Scholarship Program

80 Plano ISD seniors have earned Semifinalists standing in the 2014 National Merit Scholarship Program. They are now in contention for Finalist standing and $35 million in scholarships to be announced next spring. 197 Plano ISD seniors earned Commended status. Read more

Top Universities Receiving Final Transcripts from Plano ISD's Class of 2013

Top Ten Universities

University of Texas at Dallas
University of Texas at Austin
Texas A&M University
University of North Texas
Texas Tech University

  University of Arkansas
Oklahoma State University
University of Oklahoma
Texas State University
Southern Methodist University
Top Ten Out-of-State Universities

University of Arkansas
Oklahoma State University
University of Oklahoma
University of Missouri
University of Kansas


Indiana University
Louisiana State University
U. of California at Berkeley
University of Alabama
Brigham Young University

Armed Forces Academies

Air Force Academy - 1
Merch. Marine Academy - 1


West Point - 3
Naval Academy - 2

Research Colleges (Top 20)

Harvard - 5
Dartmouth - 5
Princeton - 1
Northwestern - 2
Yale - 2
Johns Hopkins - 2
Columbia - 5
Washington University
at St. Louis - 6
Caltech - 1
Brown - 3


MIT - 2
Cornell - 6
Stanford - 2
Rice - 12
Univ. of Chicago - 4
Vanderbilt - 4
Univ. of Pennsylvania - 4
Notre Dame - 1
Duke - 6
Emory - 0

Plano ISD Advanced Academics Programs

To help students invest in their future, Plano ISD is proud to provide students with a wide array of advanced academic courses, programs, and competitions that appeal to varied interests, experiences, and educational goals. Students learn and grow through meaningful educational challenge. Participating in one or more advanced academic opportunities allows students to explore existing talents while uncovering new talents. Advanced academic opportunities begin in the elementary years and increase in frequency at the secondary level in Plano ISD. Visit our Advanced Academics website for more information, links and videos.

Plano ISD Assessment & Accountability

Plano ISD believes that assessment provides the information necessary to improve student performance and that assessment data should be analyzed for the purpose of setting priorities for instructional decision-making, allocating system resources, and setting accountability goals. Plano ISD also believes that assessment data should be reported to students, parents, the community and the mandated state and federal education authorities for the purpose of building partnerships in education. Read about Plano ISD's assessment and accountability program and the tests used to measure student performance and progress.




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Post-Secondary Readiness Indicators Help Measure Student Progress

Post-secondary readiness assessments measure the preparedness of students for rigorous work required for a career or college educations. The goal is for students to have an opportunity to choose a path and, if necessary, make career changes even after graduating from senior high school.

MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) tests provide an accurate prediction of a student’s STAAR (State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness) performance at satisfactory and advanced levels. STAAR provides an accurate prediction of a student’s preparedness and likelihood for success in the next grade level or course. STAAR measures whether a student is on track for college and career readiness

Longitudinal data systems enable Plano ISD educators to identify students in need of academic intervention at an early stage, when problems are still solvable, giving teachers and students more time to strengthen these skills before graduation.

The MAP focused data analysis provides a structured process for analyzing and discussing student growth in the general learning domains of reading, mathematics and science. Each student’s performance on the nationally normed MAP test is compared to the growth demonstrated by Plano ISD students in prior years who shared the same starting point on the growth scale.

Scale scores and performance levels convey information about how a student performed in the current year. Progress measures provide additional information by communicating how much the student has improved from the prior year to the current year. When used together, this information provides a more complete picture of the student’s achievement.

View Plano ISD's report: Towards College & Career ReadinessPDF.

Read more on Plano ISD's assessment and accountability website.