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Texas Department of Agriculture School Nutrition Standard Update

August 7, 2014

Plano ISD has received further clarification from the Texas Department of Agriculture regarding changes in the statewide standard for school nutrition. While some decisions regarding district practices will be made at a later date, we can confirm that for the upcoming school year, elementary schools will continue to operate under the same guidelines as last year for the following:

  • Parents will be allowed to continue to provide classroom treats for children’s birthdays.
  • Events where schools provide food to students and parents without a cost, such as Muffins with Moms or Donuts with Dads, are allowed.
  • Campuses will continue to host the three seasonal parties, at no cost to students, currently held in conjunction with the winter holiday, Valentine’s Day and the end of the school year.

At this time, the impact for secondary schools is understood to be as follows:

Foods that do not meet the nutritional guidelines may not be sold to students until 30 minutes after the school day has ended. This applies only to food being sold to students and would include the following:

  • “Stay Days,” where food trucks or food vendors are brought in to sell food to students – Such events would be held after school, following the required 30 minutes.
  • Fundraisers involving the sale of candy or drinks – These types of sales can be held beginning at 4:00 p.m. for middle school and 4:45 p.m. for high schools and senior highs.



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