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Facilities and Technology Task Force

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The Plano ISD Board of Trustees appointed the Facilities and Technology Study Task Force in August, 2015 comprising school district and community leaders. Chaired by Rebecca Egelston Caso, the task force has met several times this fall to review enrollment trends and projections, establish construction and renovation needs, visit school facilities and validate costs.

RECRebecca Egelston Caso, pictured at the December 3 task force meeting, serves as chair of the community-based committee.

"It has been eight years since the school district has held a bond issue to address major facilities and technology needs," said Nancy Humphrey, school board president. "The 2008 bond election handled several major projects and was initially planned to provide for capital needs through 2012. It’s lifespan will soon be almost twice what was originally intended, and now it is the community's decision to consider our district's needs.

"The task force members have an extreme commitment to their charge, and our trustees understand the significance of our community's tax dollar investment in schools," continued Ms. Humphrey. "Among our district's key goals is a commitment that those tax dollars are effectively and efficiently managed to provide quality education and programming for students."

Rebecca Egelston Caso (Chair)
Matthew Arend
Earnest Burke
Rick Cinclair
Rodney Davenport
Ken Gagliano
Bob Garrey
Jeff Harrison
Jim Hirsch
Ken Hutchenrider
Marshall Jackson
Annika Little
Bill McLaughlin
Raj Menon
Pat Miner
Fred Moses
Amy Nelson
Dr. Doug Otto
Alex Plotkin
Patrick Price
Julie Richard
Corie Rubenstein
Doug Shockey
Karen Stanton
Ryan Steele
Rose Taper
John Teiber
Al Valente
Janet Weissman


(left) Kathy Kuddes, director of fine arts, addressed the task force on December 3. Looking on were CFO Steve Fortenberry, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Brian Binggeli and Assistant Superintendent Dr. Kary Cooper; (right) Dr. Jim Wussow, assistant superintendent for academic services, also presented at the meeting.

Scope and Timeline

Task Force Charges

  • Conduct a comprehensive analysis of information related to Plano ISD facilities, including selected on-site reviews of previous and proposed projects
  • Review future enrollment trends and projections
  • Establish construction, renovation and site acquisition needs
  • Validate cost projections to meet analyzed needs, taking into account inflationary trends
  • Review the district’s needs regarding technology and other identified capital items


  • September through November – Task force meetings
  • November 17 – Task force interim report to school board
  • December 1 – School board special session to further discuss interim report
  • December 3 – Task force meets to discuss feedback from trustees and plan for public hearing
  • December 17 – Public hearing
  • January 7 – Task force meets to discuss public input and finalize recommendations
  • January 12 – Task force makes final recommendations to board of trustees
  • February 2 – Board of trustees considers calling election for May 2016


Meetings & Resources

Date Meeting Resources
January 19, 2016 School Board
Special Called Meeting
January 12, 2016 School Board Meeting
January 7, 2016 Task Force Meeting
December 17, 2015 Public Hearing
December 3, 2015 Task Force Meeting
December 1, 2015 School Board
Special Called Meeting
November 17, 2015 School Board
Work Session
November 12, 2015 Task Force Meeting
October 29, 2015 Task Force Meeting
October 15, 2015 Task Force Meeting
September 30, 2015 Task Force Meeting
September 17, 2015 Task Force Meeting
September 3, 2015 Task Force Meeting
August 4, 2015 School Board Meeting


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