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Asthma Care at School
Asthma Action Plan

Self Carry Consideration /Athletics
Resources for Obtaining Asthma Medications


Asthma Care at School

Students with asthma should submit an annual Asthma Action Plan signed by the physician and parent. Those who require medication at school (either inhaler or nebulizer) must submit Medication Authorization Forms to the school nurse.

The 77th Texas Legislature enacted House Bill 1688, which amends the Education Code to entitle a student with asthma to possess and self-administer prescription asthma medication while on school property or at a school-related event or activity.

The bill specified the conditions under which a student is entitled to possess and self-administer asthma medication.

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Asthma Action Plan

If a physician feels it is medically necessary for a student with asthma to carry and self-administer prescription asthma medication, the student must have an asthma action plan signed by the physician and parent on file. (This form can be obtained from the school nurse or printed here:( English / Spanish .)

The Asthma Action Plan must be filled out each year by the student's prescribing physician and must be signed by both the prescribing physician and the parent/guardian.

The school nurse will assess the student’s ability to recognize symptoms and correctly use the medications.

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Self Carry Considerations

Unless an additional supply of medication is provided for storage in the school nurse’s office, parents and students must recognize that it is the student’s responsibility to carry the medication at all times.  The school does not keep an emergency supply of asthma medication in stock.

Students who require asthma medication for athletic activities must also process the medication through the school nurse.  If the student has permission from the physician on the Asthma Action Plan to self carry their asthma medication, they may do so after discussion with the school nurse.  If they do not have authorization to self carry the medication, the school nurse will coordinate with the athletic coach to make sure that the students’ medication needs are met.

Resources for Obtaining Asthma Medications

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