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Girl painting an art projectIf you need to have an older child pick up your student from PASAR you must print and complete the "under 18 pick up form".  Any student  under the age of 13 may not pick up a PASAR student.  Students between 13-18 years of age may pick up your PASAR student  providing the " Under 18 pick up form" is completed, notarized  and turn in to your PASAR Site Manager.

Under 18 pick up form PDF file

In the case of divorced parents, both parents would be required to provide a letter unless one parent provides a copy of a current court order that provides that authority resides in one parent, or otherwise limits the authority of the other parent.


To add a person or to update your child's emergency contact information:

The emergency form can be found on the Parent Portal, please follow these steps:
1)  Log in to your parent portal account:  
2)  Click on Student Registration.
3)  Click on the student's name.
4)  On the next screen, one of the options listed is "Emergency Card".
5)  Click on the Emergency Card option and enter the information to update your student's information.

Once you have updated the parent portal please call your PASAR campus cell phone and leave a message with the Site Manager:
a) your childs name
b) who is picking up your child and their cell phone number.

If you are having difficulties accessing your parent portal please send parent portal an email with your name, your students name, ID and the campus your child attends.