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  2015-2016 PASAR Fee Chart

Additional 2015-2016 PASAR registration information will be announced July 7 on this website.


  1. Online Summer PASAR enrollment begins May 21 through the Parent Portal.
  2. NEW for summer - Enrollment is LIMITED for each week.
  3. All summer enrollments, including adding weeks, will occur online inside the Parent Portal.
  4. ** A CHANGE FOR SUMMER ** --To cancel summer week(s) after enrollment/payment online has occurred:
    • The parent must complete the Summer Cancellation form found on the PASAR website under "Forms" and scan/email to the finance office by the established deadline. [No Photos Accepted.]
    • A credit will be issued to the customer's account. The credit may remain on the account to be used for next year's tuition or drop in fund deposit.
    • To request a refund of the credit issued, the parent may complete and scan/email to the finance office a Refund Request form found on the PASAR website under "Forms" [No Photos Accepted.]
    • ** New ** - -The cancelled week payment cannot be used for another week of summer since enrollment and payment for summer must occur online for enrollment to be successful.

NOTE: Cancellation of summer weeks cannot be made online - only enrollment may occur online.

2015 Summer PASAR Fee Chart

Summer PASAR Care Please visit the Summer PASAR Care webpage for a preview of the summer information. Summer PASAR Care is available for PISD students who have completed Kindergarten through 5th grade.

For questions - call Finance Office-PASAR (469) 752-8915

PASAR Finance Office At Pebble Creek Center Office Hours
5804 Coit Road, Suite 102 Monday - Friday
Plano, Texas 75023 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.
Call Center (469) 752-8915  


PASAR is a pre-paid program. Monthly tuition and Drop-in deposit of funds are due by the first of the month or before a student's start date, whichever occurs first.

  • Regular Plan is every day care and a monthly fee is charged. This includes care for early release days but does not include PASAR Holiday Care days. The monthly tuition amount is based on the number of school days with the total fee divided into nine equal payments for September through May. No monthly fee is charged for August and June PASAR Care days.
  • Drop-in Plan is offered only during the school year. This plan provides care when needed and is scheduled with the site staff. This plan requires a $150 drop-in deposit payment per student prior to student's start date entered online by the parent at time of registration. It is the responsibility of the parent/customer to keep track of the drop-in attendance. When payments are made, the payment must include the balance due, plus all days attended but not billed, plus the $150 minimum deposit per student to replenish funds in account for future attendance.
  • At the beginning of the School Year, if a student's start date is the first day of school, the tuition and/or the drop-in deposit ($150 per student) are due by the Thursday prior to the first day of school.
  • Holiday Care is optional and an additional fee is charged for each day and student must be signed-up at the PASAR site, if this care is needed. The holiday care fee must be paid regardless if the student attends or not; unless it was cancelled in writing at the site by the established deadline.

We value our customers and the students we serve. We know there are other after school care options in our area. We thank you for choosing PASAR as your child's after school care provider.


Contact Finance Office
with Questions

Call Center: (469) 752-8915