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Pasar student

PASAR's Summer Program is held Monday through Friday and includes weekly field trips, arts and crafts. Each Monday through Thursday two hours of academic time is held to help maintain your child's skills. Plano ISD certified teachers are available to reinforce academic skills.

Summer PASAR is governed by Plano ISD and the Department of Family Protective Services (DFPS).





2016 Summer PASAR Information

  1. Online Summer PASAR enrollment will begin May 23 through the Parent Portal.
  2. Enrollment is limited for each week.
  3. All summer enrollments, including adding weeks, will occur online inside the Parent Portal.
  4. Cancellation of summer weeks cannot be made online – only enrollment can occur online.
  5. Instructions --- How to Cancel Summer Week(s) after enrollment/payment online has occurred:
    • The customer must complete the Summer Cancellation form found on the PASAR website following the instructions found on top of the form to submit to the finance office by the established deadline.  [No Photos Accepted.]
    • A credit will be issued to the customer’s account.  The credit may remain on the account to be used for next year’s tuition or drop in fund deposit. 
    • To request a refund of the credit issued, the customer must complete and follow the instructions found on top of the Request for Refund form found on the PASAR website. [No Photos Accepted.]
    • >>Please Know -- The canceled week payment cannot be used for another week of summer since enrollment and payment for summer must occur online for enrollment to be successful.



How to Enroll My Student in Summer PASAR

Medical Action Plans

If your child requires medical attention from a physician's directive, complete the appropriate action plan. Plans must be completed every year.  You must have a plan on file for Summer PASAR. 
 See Medical Action Plan page for more information.

DFPS required forms for summer PASARPDF file-

Summer 2016 PASAR will be located at Rasor Elementary
945 Hedgcoxe Rd., Plano, TX 75025

Transportation is NOT provided to/from Summer PASAR. Transportation from summer school to PASAR is not available. Parents are responsible for all transportation to/from Summer PASAR.

Lunch - Summer PASAR 2015 children will need to bring their own brown bag lunch for weeks 1-4. PASAR does not have access to the school kitchens to refrigerate lunches or a microwave or ovens to heat lunches. Weeks 5 – 8 lunches is provided by Rose Food Services. Snack and Lunch menus will be posted soon.

Pasar studentsHolidays - Summer PASAR will be closed on July 4, 2016.

Hours - 7:00 am to 6:30 p.m. - Monday - Thursday and 7:00am to 6:00 p.m. on Fridays.

Field Trips - Information and parent permission forms will be available at the Summer PASAR campus. Signed permission slips are mandatory to participate in the Summer PASAR field trips. All students must attend field trips whether they choose to participate or not.

* Complete information about all field trips and permission slips will be distributed by the Summer PASAR campus. Children who do not want to participate in the designated field trips are required to accompany the group to the field trip location, since all staff will be supervising the event.

     Summer 2016

Field Trips:
6-17-2016    Texas Discovery Gardens
6-24-2016    The Heard Museum
7-1-2016       The Rise- Rockwall
7-8-2016       Chuck E. Cheese
7-15-2016     Adventure Landing
7-22-2016    (TBA) - To be announced when confirmed
7-29-2016      Plano Super Bowl
8-5-2016         Perot Museum

Guardianship/Custody Papers

Parents/guardians are responsible for providing any guardianship/custody papers to the PASAR Site Manager each school year. This paperwork is for the safety of each child in our care. The paperwork must be on file within two days of enrollment in the program. To be valid, the paperwork must be complete with the court filing date and judge’s signature.



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