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The Texas Educational Agency defines the parameters of bus eligibility. In general, a student must live 2 or more miles from their assigned school to be eligible for regular education school bus transportation to and from school. The 2-mile measurement requires using only public streets. Long driveways or apartment addresses will be measured from where the main driveway meets the public road. Students who transfer to a school other than their assigned school are not eligible for bus transportation. Plano ISD provides a Fare Busing program in some areas for students who do not meet the criteria to be declared bus eligible due to living within 2 miles of their assigned school.

Each of our bus stops are designed after a careful study of demographics, walking distances to stops and ridership in your area. The overall safety of the stop placement is the most important factor considered.

We invite you to utilize our bus "Route Finder" tool to check for eligibility and bus stops for your home address. The link is located at the upper right of this page in the gray box.

For answers to your questions please see our contacts page for a specific person or department, call our main line (469) 752-0780 or e-mail us at