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Senior High School Feeder Schools

Plano East Senior High School

Elementary Schools: Dooley, Forman, Meadows
Middle School: Armstrong
High School: McMillen
Elementary Schools: Boggess, Hunt, Miller
Middle School: Murphy
High School: McMillen
Elementary Schools: Barron, Hickey, McCall, Memorial
Middle School: Bowman
High School: Williams
Elementary Schools:  Mendenhall, Schell, Stinson
Middle School: Otto
High School: Williams

Plano Senior High School

Elementary Schools:  Bethany, Carlisle, Mathews
Middle School: Schimelpfenig
High School: Clark
Elementary Schools: Christie, Harrington, Thomas
Middle School: Carpenter
High School: Clark
Elementary Schools: Beverly, Hedgcoxe, Rasor
Middle School: Hendrick
High School: Clark
Elementary Schools:  Davis, Hughston, Saigling, Wells
Middle School: Haggard
High School: Vines
Elementary Schools:  Aldridge, Jackson (east of Coit), Shepard, Sigler,  Weatherford
Middle School: Wilson
High School: Vines

Plano West Senior High School

Elementary Schools: Andrews, Skaggs, Wyatt
Middle School: Rice
High School: Jasper
Elementary Schools:  Daffron, Gulledge, Haun
Middle School: Robinson
High School: Jasper
Elementary Schools:  Barksdale, Brinker, Centennial, Huffman
Middle School: Renner
High School: Shepton
Elementary Schools: Hightower, Jackson (west of Coit), Mitchell, Rose Haggar
Middle School: Frankford
High School: Shepton