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Otto Middle School Staff E-Mail

Otto Middle School
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Performance Report
Staff E-mail

Administrators & Office Staff

  Name E-mail
Principal Antoine Spencer
Assistant Principals Melanie Schulte
Kennitra Robertson
Office Manager Dee Dee McGee
Receptonist Monica Butler
Attendance Silvia Brozak
Counselor Grade 6 Grant Wilson
Counselor Grade 7 Angie Chavez

Lead Counselor Grade 8

Nikole Roberson

Registrar Christi Van Laere
Nurse Amy Perng

Staff & Faculty

E-mail addresses are updated by the district annually.
Please check your school's website for the most current list.

First Name Last Name E-mail Address
Jena Aspden
Rita Attuquayefio
Ashley Besco
Lindsey Blue
Sophia Bohannon
Pascale Bonvalot
Maritza Bradshaw
Tara Browning
Silvia Brozak
Monica Butler
Norman Cerros
Angie Chavez
Vanessa Chavez
Rosie Coleman
Maryann Cowley
Anu Daniel
Jeanne Dean
Lisa Delafield
Susan Dobrey
Matthew Edwards
Kristin Ernst
Jennifer Evans
Kathleen Farquhar
Doug Finn
Vernadeth Franco
Josh Frazier
Shelly Furlong
Patricia Garvin
Arthur Garza
David Giamundo
Michael Godwin
Caresir Gonzales
Miriam Gorham-Carpenter
Dillon Gourd
Torrey Gragg
Mary Herrera
Lisa Hinegardner
Terry Hollis
Elizabeth Jacobson
Norma Jones
Robert Keahey
Kaylin Kelley
Zeshan Khan
Amy Koestler
Courtney Langdon
Elizabeth Lawhorne Elizabeth.
Jessica Lentz
Erin Lindquist
Shelley Lytle
Anna Mackey
Hunter Malcolm
Jordan Marshall
Michelle Martinez
Niki Matasso
Molly McCreary
Deedee McGee
Sarah McVay
Sue Mick
Elizabeth Miller
Daniel Moman
John Neumann
Ron Ohlig
Bonny Pan
Stephanie Parker
Amy Perng
Sara Price
Lillian Ramos
Briana Reitenga
Jordan Rios
Nikole Roberson
Kennitra Robertson
Alex Rosenfield
Jerry Schmitto
Adam Schneider
Melanie Schulte
Deresia Scott
Godina Shatila
Lesia Smith
Antoine Spencer
Ammon Talbot
Elsa Tancredi
Jeff Thielbar
Christi Vanlaere
Abby Villarreal
Marty Wilkerson
Grant Wilson
Kayl-Bren Wilson
Yamicii Wilson
Amy Zorka