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Renner Middle School Staff E-mail

Renner Middle School
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Staff E-mail

Administrators & Office Staff

  Name E-mail
Principal Sonja Pegram
Assistant Principal

Joshua Stamper
Office Manager Pamela Redmond
Receptionist Carmen Trigo
Attendance Cheryl Ferguson
Counselor - 6th grade Laura Fix
Counselor - 7th grade Gina Weaver
Lead Counselor - 8th grade Brad Allcorn
Counseling Secretary Pamela Landy
Nurse Melissa Mesa

Staff & Faculty

E-mail addresses are updated by the district annually.
Please check your school's website for the most current list.

First Name Last Name E-mail Address
Brad Allcorn
Daniel Anaya
Elaine Anaya

Sara Andrade
Elizabeth Apicella

Shanae Austin
Gwen Baumann
Andrea Blythe

Susan Boisvert
Rachel Boone

Jayson Boyd

Kelly Brown
Tracie Chambers

Michelle Conway
Robin Cropper
Eileen Cunningham
Elizabeth Cunningham
Kathy Dossey
Jenny Dowen
Kelli Duncan

Jeremy Dunford
Heather Eck
Alison Elliot
Houmame Elmourabiti
Chelsea England
Sarah Evetts
Don Farquhar
Cheryl Ferguson

Laura Fix
Tony Francis
Marilyn Fuller
Alana Gilliam
Tammy Harbin
Cody Harris
Shelley Hawkins
Anna Hensley
Dionne Hudson

Ellen Hurley
Tracey Huston
Paige Johnson
Brandon Jones
Kevin Kelln
Brittani Kelly
Kandice Kelly
Chris Koons
Pam Landy
Kelley Legg
Alexandra Marshall
Ann Mathas
Christina McDuffee
Lauren McKellar
Melissa Mesa
Paige Metersky
Adil Mumtaz
Douglas O’Bryant

Lamar Peeples
Sonja Pegram
Debra Phelps
Nikki Pugh
Megan Ragle
Lisa Rakofsky
Lynne Ramos
Pamela Redmond
Alissa Reed
Kathleen Rice
Lori Rough
Corie Rubenstein
Stone Sampson
Carlene Sanger
Dorian Scott
Cindy Segler
Sarah Sheehan
Kathy Simons
Neelima Singh
Kimberly Smith
Sherry Smith
Joshua Stamper
Leigh Thompson
Carina Tran
Carmen Trigo
Samantha Varjian
Laura Walters
Gina Weaver
David Welch
Deanna Whittington

Brandon Williams
Tyler Yarbrough
Lenora Young  Lenora.Young