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Plano ISD Staff Newsletter Volume 37, number 10 February 11, 2010

Let it snow!

Carpenter MS students

Carpenter Middle School students Colten Pusateri, Rosalino Arroyo
and Tyrice Taylor built a "Texas-sized" snowball this morning in the neighboring Christie Elementary School field.

Carpenter MS students
Administration building staff built a flakey friend at lunchtime today. Pictured are (back) Andrea Hoffman, Annette Rivas, Pam Moreland and Beth Motney; (front) Bettie LeCrone, Kathy Dry, Tina Venegas and Vanessa Reveles.
Carpenter MS students
Wells Elementary School second grade students experienced the snow "tactically and emotionally" today, then returned to their classroom to write about the experience. Pictured are students Cate Bade, Allie Mikita, Arundhati Ghosh, Carson Hart, Logan Groves, and Willow Parsell who are in Ms. Kelamis' and Mrs. Sewell's classrooms.
Carpenter MS students
Vines High School students (above and below) showed their Viking spirit.
Carpenter MS students
Carpenter MS students

Boggess Elementary School Beginning Teacher of the Year Mr. Wirtz is from colder parts, so he showed his students how to make a big snowman!

Carpenter MS students
Skaggs Elementary School "Stars" built a cool mascot today.
Carpenter MS students
Spring Creek Center staff gathered up enough of the cold, white stuff to make this friendly fellow who has waved at passing motorists today.
The Plano Senior High School Wildcat paw experienced a color change today.

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