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Plano ISD Staff Newsletter Volume 43, Special Edition March 2, 2016
Salute to Service Invitation Cover

Hundreds of Employees to be Honored for Service and Retirement at 51st Annual 'Salute to Service' Banquet April 7 at Southfork

Employees to be recognized for 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 & 40 years of service in Plano schools, retirement and as nominees for the 2016 Superintendent's Service Award

Plano ISD's 51st Annual "Salute to Service" employee banquet will be held at 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 7 at Southfork Ranch, 3700 Hogge Road in Parker. Important information regarding the banquet, including retirement recognition guidelines, Superintendent's Service Award nominations, service pin information and event registration are featured in this special edition District Digest.

Retiring Employees

March 18 Deadline for Retirement Recognition at "Salute to Service" Banquet

retireeEmployees who are retiring from Plano ISD and employees who are leaving the district with at least 15 years of Plano ISD experience or 20 years of experience in public education (voluntary separation), are eligible to be recognized at the "Salute to Service" employee banquet on April 7. To be recognized at this event, employees must complete the following steps by Friday, March 18. Pictured: Cindy Bray was honored at last year's banquet for retiring with 45 years of service to Plano schools.

  1. Review Separation from Employmentopens in new window page found on Plano ISD's employment website.
  2. Submit written letter of resignation and separation formPDF to principal or department head.
  3. E-mail letter of resignation and scanned, signed separation formPDF to
  4. E-mail completed 2015-16 retiree event recognition form PDF to Brionna Gray,, in the communications department.

Superintendent's Service Award Nominees

March 16 Deadline for Superintendent's Service Award Nominations

ssa winner 2015Dr. Brian Binggeli looks forward to recognizing nominees for the 2016 Superintendent's Service Award at the "Salute to Service" employee banquet on April 7. At the event, he will recognize all nominees and announce the award winners. The 2016 Superintendent's Service Award Nomination Guidelines and Form PDF, for nominating support staff members, must be e-mailed by Wednesday, March 16 to Barbara Monroe in the communications department at

Hilda Salas, Bowman Middle School parent liaison, was among four winners of the 2015 Superintendent's Service Award, presented by Steve Fortenberry, CFO, who served as interim superintendent last spring.

Service Pin Recipients

March 24 Deadline for Service Pin Recipients' Eligibility & Name Spelling Confirmations

Employees with 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 years of service in Plano ISD will be recognized at the "Salute to Service" employee banquet on April 7. Employees with 10 years of service will receive pins at their work sites. Select links below to view (and congratulate) employees for their service.

  • Regarding Eligibility - Employees with questions about their eligibility/years of service in Plano ISD as reflected in the published lists are asked to contact the human resources department via e-mail at: by Thursday, March 24.
  • Regarding Name Spelling - Employees with questions about their name spelling for publicity and event printed program and script are asked to contact Brionna Gray in the communications office via e-mail at by Thursday, March 24. (Reminder: Employees with 15 years of service and up will be recognized at the banquet. Employees with 10 years of service will receive a pin at their work sites.)
  • Photos of Service Pin Recipients - The communications department would like to honor service pin recipients with 15 or more years of service in Plano schools by creating a video with photos of these special honorees. You can view last year's video here. Schools and departments are asked to e-mail photos of service pin recipients no later than April 1 to Brionna Gray, in the communications office.

service event guests 2015

Among the 800 employee honorees and guests who enjoyed last year's banquet were Victoria Hines, Hendrick Middle School counselor; Areail Thomas, Isaacs Early Childhood School teacher and 25 year service pin recipient; Dollie Thomas, Human Resources specialist and 20 year service pin recipient; and Lisa Long, Hendrick Middle School principal.

Event RSVPs

March 23 Event RSVP Deadline for School and Service Department Offices

Invitations to the event were mailed today, March 2 to honorees, school principals and department heads. Pre-registration for all event attendees is required. Honorees will be guests of the district but must register through school or department office managers.

Employees with questions not answered here about the banquet are asked to contact the Plano ISD Communications Department at 469-752-8150. (View last year's event website here.)

Have a safe and restful spring break.

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