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During the open enrollment period, employees may make any changes, which will take effect on September 1, 2015. All changes must be submitted online no later than Monday, August 31, 2015.

Who Can Enroll: Employees working 25 or more hours per week Employees working between 10 and 24 hours per week Substitutes who regularly work 10 or more hours per week
Eligible For: All types of plans, and the District Contribution to the medical premium Medical plan only, no District Contribution Medical plan only, no District Contribution

TRS-ActiveCare Medical Plans

Monthly Premium Chart PDF file

Plan Summaries:
       - ActiveCare 1-HD PPO, ActiveCare Select ACO, and ActiveCare 2 PPO PDF file
       - Scott & White HMO PDF file

2015-16 TRS-ActiveCare Enrollment Guide PDF file
2015-16 TRS-ActiveCare Employee Presentation PDF file

Dental Plans

Dental coverage is available through Delta Dental.  Using a dentist in the PPO network will provide the greatest savings, but dentists in the Premier network will also provide a small discount on services. To search the network lists, visit their web site Opens new window.

Monthly Premiums & Coverage Summary PDF file

Vision Plans

Vision insurance is available through Vision Service Plan, Inc (VSP). Using one of the optometrists in their national network provides the best benefit. To search the VSP network list, visit their web site Opens new window.

Monthly Premiums & Coverage Summary PDF file

Optional Life Insurance

For Employees

Term life insurance is available through SunLife Assurance Company. Any life insurance currently in effect will automatically continue at the new premium rate effective 9/1/15. Your premium may also increase if you will be in a higher age bracket based on your age as of 9/1/15.

Monthly Premium Chart PDF file

All new applications for life insurance, as well as all applications to increase coverage above $250,000, will require a health questionnaire. However, if you are currently enrolled in life insurance and are only requesting an increase of one level (for example, from $50,000 to $60,000), a health questionnaire is not required, as long as your coverage level would still be $250,000 or less. This premium cannot be deducted pre-tax.

Application forms and the link to the health questionnaire are available here.

For Dependents

You may purchase term life insurance on your spouse and/or children; however, you must be enrolled in at least $20,000 employee optional life insurance in order to request dependent life insurance. Spouses are eligible up to age 70, and children are eligible if they are between ages 15 days and 25 years. All life insurance currently in effect will automatically continue, with no action required.  This premium cannot be deducted pre-tax.

Two plans are available:

  • Plan A - $5,000 for spouse / $2,000 for each child - Total Monthly Cost $2.50
  • Plan B - $10,000 for spouse / $4,000 for each child - Total Monthly Cost $6.00

Disability Insurance

Assessing Your Need for Disability Insurance PDF file

Disability insurance currently in effect may continue; however, your premium may increase if you will be in a higher age bracket based on your age as of 9/1/15. You may choose from 4 elimination periods (7 days, 14 days, 30 days, or 90 days), which is the length of time you must be off work before benefit payments will begin. The 7, 14, and 30 day plans also include a first-day hospital benefit, which will begin benefit payments immediately following a 24-hour inpatient hospital stay with room & board charges. Premiums are based on your age, benefit level, and elimination period. Benefits are paid directly to you, and are not subject to taxes.

Brief Plan Highlights PDF file
Policy Document PDF file

Disability Plan Rates:  (cannot be deducted pre-tax)
  7/7 elimination period PDF file
  14/14 elimination period PDF file
  30/30 elimination period PDF file
  90/90 elimination period PDF file

Why should you enroll in disability insurance? When accidents or long-term illness arise, most people see their expenses go up, and their income go down. Disability income protection insurance can be very beneficial, and is most appreciated when the unexpected happens. Please review the UNUM disability plan offered through the district, and consider enrolling for 2015-16.

  • Coverage you select now will take effect on 9/1/15.
  • Note about Pregnancy: The disability plan will cover pregnancy claims only if the coverage took effect prior to conception, and benefits will be based on the coverage you had at the time you became pregnant.
  • You may add or change the disability plan during the annual open enrollment period only. Proof of good health is not required, but pre-existing condition limitations will apply.
  • You may select any benefit amount up to two-thirds of your gross monthly salary. If your benefit amount is not at the maximum allowed, any increase you make in future years will be subject to pre-existing limitations. You can use the online enrollment system to confirm whether you are at your maximum allowed benefit, or if you need to increase or decrease your benefit amount to match your salary.

If you are currently enrolled, what do you need to do for 2015-16?

  • When you submit your enrollment online, you must re-select your disability plan as well, if you want to continue the plan. If you forget to re-select your disability plan, your coverage will be canceled. Don't miss this important step!
  • It is also important that you make sure you are not over-insured. If you were previously receiving stipends or other pay that has been discontinued or reduced, your benefit level may now exceed the maximum allowed based on your salary, and you may be paying a higher premium than necessary.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Did you know that 42% of people receiving long term care services are under age 65? Many people think a long term health event would be covered by their health or disability insurance. However, plans like TRS-ActiveCare are not designed to cover long term custodial care costs. Only long term care insurance is designed to help pay for many of the care services you may need in your own home, in an assisted living or nursing facility.

With the right long term care insurance in place, you can help protect your family's financial security, have more control over decisions about your custodial care, and take comfort knowing that you're confidently moving toward a more secure and independent future.

TRS' group long term care insurance program can help get you there. TRS has selected Genworth Life Insurance Company as their group long term care insurance underwriter.

To learn more details about this program, including eligibility, costs, benefits and any restrictions that apply:

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