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Family Medical Leave (FML)PDF file, Accrued LeavePDF file, and Leave Bank PDF filemay apply to family illness leave for FULL-TIME employees, depending on your situation. All district leave policies run concurrently.

For all full-time employees:

Your leave will be provided by your Accrued Leave and any available Leave Bank days (if a member). Leave Bank days are not granted automatically; you must request them. Once these leave days are exhausted, you must return to work unless you are eligible for additional leave described below.

Eligibility for additional leave:

You may be eligible for additional leave under Family Medical Leave (FML) if:

  • you have worked for PISD more than 1 year and at least 1,250 hours in the last 12 months; AND
  • you are taking leave for the illness of a spouse, parent, or child.

If you use all your Accrued Leave Days and available Leave Bank days but still need to take leave to care for your spouse, parent, or child, you may remain off work for the rest of your available FML. This time off will be unpaid.

If both spouses are PISD employees, FML for the care of a parent will be limited to a combined total of 12 weeks.

You must return to work when your available leave time ends.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request leave for illness in the family? You must contact the Benefits and Risk Management Department – (469)752-8138 or We will help you with the leave process.

What papers and doctor’s notes do I need to turn in? The leave packet will contain the forms you need to submit after your leave begins. You will need to provide a doctor’s note certifying your need to be off work to care for your family member. If your absence extends more than 30 days or beyond the time period specified in the original doctor’s note, you must provide updated doctor’s notes to our office.

How do I record my absences? Your absences must be recorded as “Illness in the Family” for the entire period.

May I do any work while on leave for family illness? No, you may not perform any job duties on campus or at home while on leave, nor can your supervisor require you to. This might include grading papers, preparing lesson plans, supervising classes or athletic events, attending PDH training or parent/teacher conferences, and other job duties. However, when your leave is foreseeable, your campus may require you to make advance lesson plans or other preparations to be used during your absence.

If I do not receive a paycheck, what will happen to my health plan benefits? If you do not receive a paycheck or if your paycheck is insufficient to make the premium deductions, you will receive an invoice for any premiums which are due. You will have 30 days in which to make payment. If payment is not received by the due date stated on the invoice, your health plan benefits will be cancelled.  If your medical, dental, or vision benefits are cancelled while you are on FML, you may request to reinstate the coverage and resume premium payments when you return to work after your FML.

What if I am on leave the maximum length of time and am still not able to return to work? At that time, the process for termination of employment must begin (see policy DEC(Local) Expiration of Available Leave). You will be offered COBRA for any health plan benefits you have. If you are able to return to work in the future, you may apply for reemployment with the district at that time.