Phone: 469-752-1930


Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Michelle Hu, Pre-K Teacher

College(s): London Trinity College of Music, University of North Texas, and Texas Christian University.

Family: I have a son, Andrew, who attends UT at Austin. Go, Long Horn! We have been a resident of Allen since 2010 and have enjoyed every bit of it.

Teaching History: I love teaching and have spent many years teaching in many different fields including music, art, choir, kindergarten, ESL, Early Childhood/Pre-K; This is my 4th year here at Huffman-IB World School!

Interests/Hobbies Outside of School: In my free time, I enjoy playing chamber music with my friends and family, embark in adventurous hiking, baking with my neices and nephews, and reading with soft classical music and sipping a cup of rich coffee.

Why did you want to start the IB PYP at Huffman? I wanted to explore new adventure in teaching and IB PYP at Huffman matched my desire. It has indeed been a fun and exciting experience.






  • Pre-K Schedule 

    7:40-8:00  live with the teacher: Morning circle

    8:00-8:20 live with the teacher: IB Unit of inquiry

    8:20-8:45  independent e- learning: Small Group 1

    8:45-9:05 independent e- learning: Brain Break/ Recess 

    9:05-9:30 independent e- learning: Writing Lesson

    9:30-10:00  independent e- learning: SEL/ Settle Your Glitter

    10:00- 11:20 live with the teacher. During this time, your child will be on a rotation either in:

    A: live with the teacher in small group* 

    B: morning snack/break 

    C***: Library/ World Language/Guidance 

    * Refer to the times below for your child’s “live with the teacher” small group:

    • Red group 10:00-10:20
    • Orange group 10:20-10:40
    • Yellow group 10:40-11:00
    • Blue group 11:00-11:20


    World Language- One new lesson per week

    Library- One new lesson per week

    Guidance- One new lesson bi-weekly

    11:20-11:40 (20 minute duration): independent e- learning-Brain break/ recess

    11:40-12:00 (20 minute duration): independent e- learning: Read Aloud/ End of the day reflection/ Wrap up