Mili Thompson

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Mili Thompson

Hi! I am Mili Thompson and I teach SPED Math at Shepton. I also enjoy working as the Math strategist along with doing inclusion in Health and Math instruction in Behavior Support Classrooms. It was five years ago I last taught at Shepton and I am so excited to be back. What I love most is seeing my students succeed in life when it comes to Math and help them realize that Math does not have to be scary! I just love their success stories especially when they had struggled for years in Math. I enjoy cooking and spending quality time with my family. 

  • 1st period: Health inclusion
    2nd period: Algebra 1 Fundamental
    3rd period: Math Strategist
    4th period: Algebra 1 Applied
    5th period: Algebra 1 Applied
    6th period: BSC Math instruction
    7th period: CONFERENCE

  • All days at 8:15 a.m. except Tuesdays

    Block B lunch tutorials on Tuesdays and Wednesdays