Phone: 469-752-6340


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Music in Music Education from Southern Methodist University

Mr. Christopher Sykora


My name is Christopher Sykora, and I'm very excited to be teaching at Robinson this year. While I'm not from Plano, I'm very familar with the area. In fact, I grew up just down the road in Richardson, and I graduated from Richardson High School. After leaving RHS I traveled a little further south to SMU, and I graduated from SMU in 2020 with a Bachelor of Music in Music Education.

As mentioned above, I have a music degree, but those aren't my only qualifications for this job. I'm also a musician (shocker!) and I regularly perform music in public. My primary instrument is the Viola, but I also play the Piano quite a bit. I like all kinds of music, and I'm always looking for pieces and songs that I haven't heard before. Feel free to email me any recommendations, and I'll let you know if you've found something that I haven't heard of.

This will be my first year as a teacher, and, following the year I/we just had, I'm sure it will be challenging. However, I have a few advantages over a normal first-year teacher. First of all, I student-taught at Robinson in the Fall of 2020, and I already know all of the students who I'll be working with. I hope most of them will remember me, but I'll be sure to make a good impression on those who don't. Secondarily, I've got a great Fine Arts team working with me, and an incredible Head Orchestra Director who I'm happy to be studying with. Finally, and most importantly, I've got a great group of kids who will be more than happy to help me throughout the upcoming school year. I can't wait to get started!

  • 1st pd: Cello/Bass Beginners

    2nd pd: Violin Beginners

    3rd pd: Brio Orchestra

    4th pd: Chamber Orchestra

    5th pd: Viola Beginners

    6th pd: Advisory

    7th pd: Cantabile Orchestra