• Plano ISD Tech Cheat Sheet

Connect with Plano ISD

  • Contact your CTA

    When do I contact my CTA? All technical issues with your computer and devices should be handled through your Campus Technology Assistant (CTA). 

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  • Contact Instructional Technology

    pisd.edu/itcontact - When do I contact Instructional Technology? When you have questions about how to use/acquire a tool or how to integrate it into a lesson. 

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  • Blog

    planoisdtech.blogspot.com - Subscribe to our award-winning blog to receive an email when a new blog post is published. Great tips and tricks!

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  • YouTube

    Search "PISD Hotspot" on YouTube and subscribe to our channel to see instructional how-to videos on the latest, most relevant ed tech. 

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  • Facebook

    Search Facebook for "Plano ISD Instructional Technology" and follow our page. We post helpful ed tech tips in PISD.

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  • Twitter

    @pisdtech - Follow @pisdtech on Twitter and learn from these hashtags: #pisdtech #pisdetsi, #pisdlearns

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