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Social Studies Composite 8-12

Scott Sandel

Psychology/ Sociology



Psychology introduces the student to the science of psychology with emphasis on human behavior. Content of the
course will include the study of the facts involved in learning and thinking, intelligence, human development,
personality theories, defense mechanisms, abnormal behavior and treatment, and careers in psychology.


Sociology presents a comparative look at group behavior in many cultures, social classes, and communities. It
introduces the student to the ways sociologists investigate, describe, and analyze social life. The process of
socialization, showing how both males and females learn cultural patterns and social norms as children, adolescents,
and adults, is a major focus. The topics of race, ethnicity, poverty, and the role of change are also discussed.

Google Classroom Codes

1st period      Psychology        j4mffrk

2nd period     Sociology          vfutefy

3rd period     Psychology        7tkml5w

4th period     Sociology           mqsourr

5th period     Psychology        utfzteh

7th period     Psychology        hubfzae 




  • Schedule:

    8:30- 9:00am Tutorials
    9:00- 9:49am 1st Period Psychology
    9:56-10:49am 2nd Period Sociology
    10:56-11:45am 3rd Period Psychology
    11:45-12:31pm Lunch
    12:38-1:27pm 4th Period Sociology
    1:34-2:23pm 5th Period Psychology
    2:20-3:19pm Conference
    3:26-4:15pm 7th Period Psychology

  • Tutorials

    M-F 8:30 - 9:00am