Compensatory Education Home Instruction

  • About CEHI

    Compensatory Education Home Instruction (CEHI) is a support service offered by PISD. CEHI provides academic services to the student at home when complications of pregnancy prevent the student from attending school and during the postpartum period. Students who do not come to school and who do not receive CEHI during pregnancy and following delivery are counted absent.

  • Program Objectives

    • To provide individual instruction and/or related services to confined students as determined appropriate by District policy.
    • To enable students to maintain and gain skills in core curriculum classes while they are temporarily confined at home by physican's orders.
    • To coordinate the course work of the regular class and the home instructional program in an effort to enable the student to return to school needing minimal readjustment.
    • To enable prenatal/postpartum students to receive individualized curriculum instruction.

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CEHI Forms