• Naviance - College Application Procedures

  • Link to College Application Procedures


    Logging in to NAVIANCE:

    1.       https://student.naviance.com/pshs

    2.       Select “Login with Clever”

    3.       Enter “Plano Senior High School”

    4.       Select “Log in with Google”

    5.       Use your firstname.lastname.1@mypisd.net email

    6.       Use your PISD Network Password



    Things to do in NAVIANCE…

    11th Grade

    •  Update your email

    About Me → My Account → Edit Contact

    • Research career and major options

    Careers → Careers I’m thinking about

    • Use SuperMatch to research colleges

    Colleges → Find Your Fit → SuperMatch

    • Add schools to your “Colleges I’m Thinking About” list

    Colleges → Colleges I’m thinking about

    • Browse course options for 12th grade

    Courses → Home → Browse course catalog


    12th Grade

    • Update your email (should be the same one used for your applications)

    About Me → My Account → Edit Contact

    • Add colleges to your “Colleges I’m Applying to” List

    Colleges → Colleges I’m applying to

    • Match your Common App account (if needed)


    • Request Transcripts

    Colleges → Apply to College → Manage Transcripts

    • Request Recommendation Letters (if needed)

    Colleges → Apply to College → Letters of Recommendation