• Naviance - College Application Procedures

  • To Get Started

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    1. Login at: https://connection.naviance.com/pshs
      • Username: your Plano ISD network username
      • Password: your Plano ISD network password

    2. Go to the About Me tab. Under “Official Things”, click on Profile. Please check your information and add your email address. Click on the pencil twice to confirm. This email address will be used to update you on colleges visiting Plano Senior.

    Naviance Highlights

    Naviance can help you find a college, career or major. Below are reminders of the tools available to you:

    On the left side of the screen:

    • Fastweb is a great service for scholarships and can help link you to several national scholarships that you never knew you were qualified to receive.
    • PISD University Ready is our webpage designed to help you in your college and financial aid search.
    • School Website will allow you to go to your school’s webpage and find valuable information about courses, teachers, and other helpful resources.
    • College Board SAT and ACT are the two links that will allow you to go directly to the SAT or ACT websites to learn the testing dates, locations, and allow you to register for the next test. You can also use this link to find out your scores and request that they are sent to colleges.
    • Apply Texas and Common Application are the two main college application sites you will need to enroll for colleges during your senior year. Once you determine the application that your colleges of choice prefer, use these links to set up a username and password and save your application to be sent out as you need them. *It is strongly advised to be aware of these your Junior year and complete the applications as soon as they are open the summer between Junior and Senior year.
    • Reality Check is a helpful website about career choices and their financial implications.
    • NCAA is a direct link to enrollment on the NCAA website for all students interested in playing college sports for a college team.

Naviance Overview

  • Applying to College

    1. Make sure the colleges that you are applying to are listed under the Colleges I’m Applying To section. To be sure, go to the Colleges tab, click Colleges I’m Applying To and verify your list. To add a school, search for it using the +Add Colleges To This List button.
    2. Choose the type of deadline that you will be using for each college – ED for Early Decision, EA for Early Application, or RA for Regular Admission. By choosing one, you will automatically see the due date for the application.
    3. Note the method for sending each application. A box with CA in it means that the college accepts the Common Application and a student must be registered with Common Application and have an ID with them in order to submit materials through Naviance. A blank box means that the application is sent electronically. The student may be using Apply Texas (the link is on the home page) or another means as dictated by the university to apply. Finally, those colleges that require all application materials to be mailed will be indicated by a postage stamp.
    4. If you are applying to a school that requires the Common Application, it is imperative that you create an account and match your information through Naviance.
    5. Transcript Requests
      1. All students will be charged a fee of $5 for transcripts. Check to see if you have paid this fee online during registration. If not, you will need to pay at the registrar’s office before you can request a transcript.
      2. A student must request the transcript through Naviance. Go to the Colleges tab and select the Transcripts link on the left side. There are 3 options: Request transcripts for my college applications (including NCAA), Request transcripts for scholarships or athletics, or View status of all transcripts. Click one of the first two options to request transcripts
      3. Your transcripts will be sent to your college and you will be able to see the status of your request on the View Status for All Transcripts link.
      4. You will select all an initial, midyear and final transcript.
    6. Letters of Recommendation – You can request letters of recommendation from your teacher and your counselor via Naviance. Please know that letters from teachers and counselors should be personalized and provide information about you that a resume or application does not provide. It is important that the information that you give to your teachers and counselors reflect your personality and character in addition to your academic successes.
      1. Letters from a teacher – go to the Colleges tab and click the link Colleges I’m Applying To. Select Teacher Recommendations and add teachers to upload recommendations. It is highly recommended that you contact your teacher in advance of making a request on Naviance. Once requested, your teacher can formulate your letter, upload it, and you will see that it has been uploaded. Don’t forget a thank you note to your teacher!
      2. Letters from a counselor/Secondary School Reports/Profiles – If your school requires a letter of recommendation from the counselor, you need to obtain a Letter of Recommendation Packet. Your Counselor will need 10 school days to complete your letter after receiving your packet. If you are applying to a college via Common Application, your request for information will be to the counselor. You must do your part to get the Letter of Recommendation Packet as the final piece. If you are applying through Apply Texas, another online option, or via mail, it is the student’s responsibility to give the counselor any forms necessary to complete the application. It is not an automatic, so the student needs to be aware of all requirements. ested and ultimately what has been sent.
    7. Test Scores – All test scores (SAT and ACT) must be requested by the student through either www.Collegeboard.org or www.actstudent.org The links to these websites are on the Home Page of Naviance. SAT and ACT test scores are not included on a student transcript.
    8. Use Naviance to ensure that all of the information required by the college has been sent. Students and parents can see the status of the requests and dates that information is sent.

    Other Reminders:

    1. College Night will be held at Plano East on Tuesday, September 11th from 6:30 – 8:30 pm. Be sure to register in advance so that you can easily share your information with college representatives. Instructions are on flyers around the campus.
    2. Take the SAT or ACT if you have not done so. Some colleges or programs also ask for one or more SAT Subject tests. You will need to take the TSI in late spring if your are attending a Texas public college, including Collin College. See your Junior Handbook for information on exemptions from the TSI.
    3. If you would like to visit a college on a school day, you must see your subschool first for approval and to obtain a College Visit form. You are allowed two of these days per year.
    4. Review your junior handbook for information on financial aid and scholarships. You may complete a FAFSA form in January in order to apply for federal and state financial aid. You should also check with the financial aid or scholarship offices at the colleges to find out about any separate scholarship applications that will make you eligible for scholarships from that particular university. All scholarships that Plano East receives are posted on Naviance!
    5. Be smart about social media! Create a professional email for your college applications if needed.
    6. Remember that colleges will review your courses and grades for your senior year. Continue to work hard and do your best work!