• CTE Career Clusters for 2019-2020

  • Courses may not be offered on all campuses. Check with campus counseling department.

  • Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources

    Agricultural Mechanics & Metal Technologies
    Equine Science
    Horticulture Science
    Landscape Design & Management
    Livestock Production
    Principles of Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
    Floral Design (Fine Arts credit)
    Floral Design II (Advanced Floral Design)
    Professional Standards in Agribusiness
    Small Animal Management
    Turf Grass Management
    Wildlife, Fisheries & Ecology Management
    Veterinary Medical Applications
    Practicum in Ag Sci (Veterinary Medical Assistant II)
    Practicum in Ag Sci (Floral Design)

  • Architecture & Construction

    Architectural Design I
    Architectural Design II
    Interior Design I

  • Arts, A/V Technology & Communications

    Audio Video Production I
    Audio Video Production II and Lab
    Digital Design & Media Production
    Fashion Design I
    Fashion Design II and Lab
    Graphic Design & Illustration I and Lab
    Graphic Design & Illustration II and Lab
    Professional Communications
    Video Game Design
    Web Design

  • Business, Management & Administration

    Touch System Data Entry (Keyboarding)
    Principles of Business, Marketing & Finance
    Business Information Management
    Business Law
    Global Business
    Virtual Business

  • Education & Training

    Instructional Practices
    Practicum in Education & Training

  • Finance

    Principles of Business, Marketing & Finance
    Accounting I
    Accounting II (Math credit)

  • Health Science

    Medical Terminology
    Principles of Health Science 
    Health Science Theory (includes health requirement)
    Practicum in Health Science I
    Practicum in Health Science II
    World Health Research
    Anatomy & Physiology (Science credit)

  • Hospitality & Tourism

    Principles of Hospitality & Tourism
    Food Science (Science credit)
    Introduction to Culinary Arts
    Culinary Arts
    Practicum in Culinary Arts

  • Human Services

    Principles of Human Services
    Child Development
    Dollars and Sense
    Family and Community Services
    Interpersonal Studies
    Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness

  • Information Technology

    Digital Media
    Internetworking Technologies I (Cisco I & II)
    Internetworking Technologies II (Cisco III & IV)
    Principles of Information Technology

  • Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security

    Principles of Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security
    Law Enforcement I
    Forensic Science (Science credit)

  • Marketing, Sales & Service

    Principles of Business, Marketing & Finance
    Fashion Marketing
    Sports and Entertainment Marketing
    Social Media Marketing
    Practicum in Marketing/Extended Practicum in Marketing

  • Manufacturing


  • Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

    Gateway To Technology (PLTW) (Middle School 8th only, HS credit)
    Introduction to Engineering Design (PLTW)
    Engineering Science (PLTW) (formerly POE)(Science credit)
    Digital Electronics (PLTW) (Math credit)
    Aerospace Engineering (PLTW)
    Engineering Design & Development (PLTW)
    Engineering Design & Presentation I (Drafting)
    Engineering Design & Problem Solving (Science credit)
    Scientific Research and Design (Honors) (Science credit)

  • Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

    Automotive Technology I: Maintenance and Light Repair
    Automotive Technology II: Automotive Service
    Collision Repair
    Paint & Refinishing