• Changing Content

    Have you moved grade levels? Are you teaching a different subject? If you’ve already set up your Pearson Realize account and need to change the content, follow the directions below. If you have never set it up, follow the Pearson Realize - Getting Started directions.

    1. Open the Chrome web browser.

    2. Go to webdesk.pisd.edu and open your PISD Pearson (Library) app. If it doesn't let you log in,  please email your friendly Digital Learning Team.

    3. Click the profile button on the top right and go to Settings.

    4. Click “My Programs” and check the boxes next to what curriculum you need.

    5. Click Save.


  • Removing Content

    Don't want to see content to classes that you no longer teach? It doesn't hurt to leave it there, but if it bothers you, follow these directions. 

    1. You must first be signed into Pearson so please launch the Pearson app from Webdesk

    2. Once you are at the EasyBridge Classes and Products screen, open a new browser tab and type in the following URL: portal.pearsonschool.com which will open the Pearson Portal subscriptions page.

    3. Clear the checkbox next to the program name you no longer want to see in Realize.

    pearson realize programs

    4. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and then click Subscribe.

    5. Review the warning about removing a product subscription, and then click Continue. (If you do not want to remove the subscription, click Cancel.)

    After the program has been removed, launch Realize and confirm that the program is no longer there.