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  • Career & Technical Education offers an opportunity for students to learn skills they may use in high school, college, in a career after graduation and/or a financial means to help further their education. CTE Business blends academics and career preparation to produce well-rounded graduates ready for the opportunities of the business world. Microsoft Office 2016 is used to complete all business projects. Students will be prepared to obtain the globally recognized MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) certification, the premier credential to validate knowledge, skills, and abilities relating to Microsoft Office 2016 applications. CTE Business classes give students the opportunity to join and compete in BPA (Business Professionals of America), a nationally recognized organization that provides business leadership experiences.

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  • Business Information Management (BIM)

    (grades 9-12)

    Are you prepared for college? Learn word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and database skills using Microsoft Office 2016. Students will be given an opportunity to earn MOS certification which is internationally recognized.

  • Touch System Data Entry (Keyboarding)

    (grades 9-12)

    Students learn to use the touch system while developing functional speed and accuracy. In addition, students will learn to format business documents.

  • Virtual Business

    (grades 9-12)

    Do you want to own a business? Students will research the components of starting a virtual business. Real-world business experience is simulated using a team project.

  • Principles of Business, Marketing, & Finance (

    (grades 9-10)

    Studentswill gain knowledge of the economic concepts involving the private enterprise, marketing of goods and services, advertising, and finances of business. Students will compete in a national stock market game and participate in a virtual business simulation.

  • Business Law

    (grades 11-12)

    Students will learn practical information of our legal system as it pertains to minors, family, and business.

  • Global Business

    (grades 11-12)

    Students will experience the role of a team player as they research and prepare presentations on cultural diversity, the global economy, and international business.

  • Accounting I & II

    grades 11-12)

    Successful completion of both semesters of Accounting II will receive math credit.

    Students will apply basic accounting principles to real-world scenarios using computerized business simulations. Accounting is recommended for all future college Business majors.

  • "The accounting class helped me decide what major I wanted to pursue in college. It allowed me to find a challenging career in a field that is con-stantly hiring. It allows me a unique view into businesses and how they are run on a day-to-day basis. I highly recommend people take accounting because it is a necessary skill in any business setting in the world today!"

    Thomas Morris, MBA
    Former student of Plano West Senior High

    “As a freshman at Jasper I had the opportunity to take Touch System Data Entry as one of my electives. I really enjoyed learning new skills in this class and they proved very useful to me when I was able to write a Personal Business letter to the hospital I wanted to volunteer at last summer. I did receive notice that I was chosen to work in the Student Summer Medi-cal Program at Plano Presbyterian Hospital. The woman in charge of the program did tell me specifically that she was impressed I sent a Thank You letter. I want to thank my Touch Systems class and the letter writing skills it taught me.”

    A. Grimes
    Sophomore at Jasper High School

    “BIM is important because it provides knowledge that you will most likely need in the fu-ture. By learning Word in BIM, I write my English essays faster. I know that I will benefit in college from already knowing how to create presentations in PowerPoint and how to calcu-late formulas in Excel.”

    K. Munson
    Senior at Plano East Senior High

    “I think that BIM was, honestly, the most useful class I’ve ever taken. I thought when I started the class that I knew a lot about how to use Microsoft programs on a computer. However, I found out much more as I took the class. I learned so many things during BIM that are going to really help me with my future, and that I have already used multiple times in other classes. I am now able to use Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint more efficiently and easily than before; furthermore, I have much-improved job-hunting and interview skills that I have put to use, too. BIM was an extremely useful class, and I feel it should be required in the cur-riculum, as the skills I learned will help me a great deal in my future.”

    P. Jagada
    Sophomore at Jasper High School

  • Courses may not be offered on all campuses. Check with the campus counseling department.