• Culinary

  • Student chef checking recipe

    Students preparing pastries Group of students preparing salads for cafe

  • Principles of Hospitality & Tourism

    (grades 9-12)

    Students will explore the multifaceted Hospitality & Tourism industry including exciting topics such as travel and tourism, amusements, resorts, attractions, restaurants and food services.

  • Food Science

    (grades 11-12) 1 science credit

    Food Science is the study of the nature of  foods, the causes of deterioration, the principles underlying food processing and the improvement of foods for the consumer.  Food lab investigations are an integral part of the class.  Satisfies the 4th science credit

  • Introduction to Culinary Arts

    (grades 10-12)

    This course involves planning, organizing, staffing, and management of various culinary operations. Food labs are included to enable students to experience culinary techniques and practices of a well-run restaurant.

  • Culinary Arts

    (grades 11-12)

    Designed for those interested in food service employment or planning to  major in hotel and restaurant management in the future. Students practice skills to prepare meals in the state of the art commercial kitchen which are then served in their own East Side Bistro. Opportunities to compete in  Culinary competitions through youth organizations are included.

  • Practicum in Culinary Arts

    (grade 12)

    Designed for students that have completed the Culinary Arts course above. Advanced techniques in quantity food preparation will be practiced.  Emphasis is on serving quality meals for school and community groups at East Side Bistro. Internships may be arranged at local restaurants to gain  additional experience.

  • Career Preparation l & ll

    (grades 11-12)

    Students gain work experience at local businesses by participating in this paid, on-the-job training program that includes related classroom instruction. Students choose the  industry they want  to  pursue.  Reliable transportation is a must.

  • Career & Technical Education offers Culinary related classes that provide an opportunity for students to learn skills for use in high school, college, a career after graduation and/or as a financial means to help further their education.  CTE Culinary blends academics and career preparation to produce well-rounded graduates ready for opportunities in the fields of Hospitality and Tourism, Culinary Arts and Culinary Sciences. Many CTE Culinary related classes give students the opportunity to join a nationally recognized organization that provides leadership experiences and career development. FCCLA and SkillsUSA are among the possibilities.

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  • “I am so glad I chose Food Science this year, what better combination than food and learning?” 

    Precious Ijomah

    “Food Science  makes me a better chef! I know where what I am cooking comes from and how to cook it best.” 

    Kaileigh Turnquist

    “Culinary Arts has presented me with new opportunities, taught me new skills, and has given me a taste of and prepared me for a future in the culinary industry.” 

    Kaylyn Vite

    “Culinary Arts has taught me how to work with everyone and to make the best of any situation  handed to me.” 

    Payton Rein

    “Culinary Arts has helped me decide what I want to do for the rest of my life.”

    Sarah Fetchko

  • Courses may not be offered on every campus. Check with campus counseling department.