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  • Student with preschool children at teacher table

    Preschool students with student aides at circle time

  • Career & Technical Education (CTE) offers Education & Training classes that provide an opportunity for students to learn skills they may use in high school, college, in a career after graduation and as a financial means to help further their education. Education & Training blends academics and career preparation to produce well‐rounded graduates ready for the opportunities of education and child related careers. Many CTE Education & Training classes give students the opportunity to join nationally recognized organizations that provide leadership and community service experiences. FCCLA (Future Career and Community Leaders of America) and TAFE (Texas Association of Future Educators) are among the possibilities.

  • Principles of Human Services

    (grades 9‐12)

    Would you like to learn about careers related to families, children and human needs? Early childhood, counseling, teaching, family, community, personal care and consumer services skills and careers are explored.

  • Child Development

    (grades 11‐12)

    Do you love children? Would you like to learn about the growth and development and care of children, prenatal through school age? Related careers will be investigated. You will discover children are fun!

  • Instructional Practices (Intro to Teaching)

    (grades 11‐12)

    Are you interested in working directly with children and exploring teaching and other child related careers? In this two-hour class, the student will spend 6 hours per week in the classroom and 4 hours per week they will participate in internships to gain teaching experience at local elementary or middle schools and the preschool on their senior high school campus. Students must provide their own transportation.

  • Practicum in Education & Training

    (grades 11‐12)

    Are you interested in a more in-depth study of teaching and the development of children? This course builds on skills learned in Instructional Practices and provides the student with additional internship experiences. Careers and “next step” educational requirements are explored. Portfolios are created. Students must provide their own transportation.

  • “I am so happy that I decided to take Education & Training the two years I did. It really has been one of the best choices I’ve made, it has really paid off in college. It amazes me how much we learned and how much its making these education classes easier, now these classes are almost like a review course! I transferred to Texas Tech and am working in the College of Human Sciences and College of Education to get my early childhood teaching certification! I am so excited to begin teaching.” 

    Brooke Knight ‐ Plano East Senior High School Alumna

    “I love Practicum in Education and Training because I get to be in the classroom and work with children. This class gives me the proper training for my future and makes me excited to have my own class someday.” 

    Jenay Pressly—Plano Senior High School Alumna

    “Child Development is so fun! You learn a lot of relevant information.” 

    Lauren Michelsen ‐ Plano Senior High School Alumna

    “This is one of the best classes I’ve ever taken. There are so many opportunities for hands on experience in preschools and classrooms. When I went into this class I had no clue what kind of teacher I wanted to be but now I definitely know that I want to teach elementary school.”

    Abby Krach ‐ Plano Senior High School Alumna

    “I love going to different schools and working with different kids. I want to follow in my Mom’s and Grandma’s footsteps of being a teacher. In the future I want to be a deaf ed teacher, because I am deaf myself and I want to help deaf kids overcome barriers that I have already overcome.” 

    Margaret Teague ‐ Plano Senior High School Alumna

    “The Education and Training program has been so rewarding. Being able to work with kids has truly brought me to realize what I wanted to do with my life. Teaching kids is my dream job!” 

    Miranda Reinhardt ‐ Plano West Senior High School Alumna

    “The Education and Training program gives you the opportunity to experience hands‐on working experience with children throughout various grade levels. You get the opportunity to further educate yourself on things you like and you get to choose the grade levels and subjects you would most like to work with.” 

    Kelsey Tole ‐ Plano West Senior High School Alumna

  • Courses may not be offered on every campus. Check with campus counseling department.