• Health Science

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  • Medical Terminology

    (grades 9-12)

    • Introduces students to the structure of medical terms
    • Allows students to achieve comprehension of medical vocabulary appropriate to medical procedures, human anatomy & physiology, and pathophysiology

  • Principles of Health Science

    (grades 10-12)

    • American Heart Association CPR Certification
    • Satisfies .5 health graduation requirement
    • Provides anatomy & physiology, medical terminology, patient care skills, and career

    Prerequisite: Biology I

  • World Health Research

    (grades 11-12)

    • Examines major world health problems and emerging technologies as solutions
    • Improves understanding of cultural, infrastructural, political, educational, and technological impact on world health
    • Inspire ideas for solutions to global medical care issues

    Prerequisites: Biology I required; and either Medical Terminology or Principles of Health Science

  • Health Science Theory & Clinical

    (grades 11-12)

    • Students accepted by application only
    • Students rotate clinical sites, providing extended opportunities in hands-on healthcare
    • Provides American Heart Association Healthcare Provider CPR Certification

    Prerequisite: Principles of Health Science, Biology, and application required

  • Pharmacology

    (grade 12)

    • Students accepted by application only
    • 1-hour full-year course for senior level students
    • In-depth advanced studies including content for preparing student for the National Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam

    Prerequisite: Principles of Health Science, Biology, Chemistry, and application required

  • Practicum in Health Science

    (grade 12)

    • Students accepted by application only
    • Students rotate clinical sites and gain intensive training in a selected number of sites
    • Classroom instruction may include content designed to prepare students for health care certification exams. Contact specific campus for more information.

    Prerequisite: Health Science Theory & Clinical and application required

  • Anatomy & Physiology

    (grades 11-12)

    • Provides in-depth study of human body systems
    • Earns science credit

    Prerequisite: Biology and Chemistry required

  • Career & Technical Education offers an opportunity for students to learn skills they may use in high school, college, in a career after graduation and/or a financial means to help further their education. CTE Health Science allows students to explore healthcare professions and identify personal interests and aptitudes in that field. The program provides opportunities for students to gain pertinent skills that will enhance personal health as well as the pursuit of a healthcare career.

  • “As an incoming college freshman, the experience that I gained in Clinical Rotation earned me a spot as a trainer for the Louisiana Tech football team. So many people at the university are in awe of all the things we did through my medical training in PISD.”

    Melissa Wood, Plano East Senior High graduate, Biomedicine Engineering, Louisiana Tech University

    “Clinical Rotation allows students to see the healthcare field up close. It gives them the opportunity to see medicine in a real-world setting that the traditional classroom cannot reproduce. It’s an invaluable and memorable way to learn.”

    Brian Lowery, MD, Family Practice, former clinical rotation student, Plano Senior High graduate, graduate UT Southwestern School of Medicine

    “Clinical Rotation allowed me to experience first hand many different aspects and fields of medicine that excited, stimulated, and lead me to the path I’m on today. The skills, knowledge, and experiences I took with me has given me an edge in college and now in medical school mainly because I'm not having to see and do everything from scratch.”

    Cesar Cereijo, DO, former clinical rotation student, Plano West Senior High graduate, Orthopedic Surgeon, Cleveland Clinic

  • Courses may not be offered on every campus. Check with campus counseling department.