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  • Career & Technical Education offers an opportunity for students to learn skills they may use in high school, college, in a career after graduation and/or a financial means to help further their education. CTE Marketing blends academics and career preparation to produce well‐rounded graduates ready for the opportunities in the field of Marketing. Microsoft Office 2010 will be the software applications that students will utilize to complete Marketing projects. CTE Marketing classes give students the opportunity to join and compete in DECA, a nationally recognized organization that provides Marketing leadership experiences. DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.

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  • Principles of Business, Marketing, & Finance

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Sports & Entertainment Marketing

  • Practicum in Marketing w/Extended Practicum

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Fashion Marke􀆟ng

  • “In my opinion, Sports & Entertainment Marketing is very beneficial. It teaches you all about how the sports & entertainment advertisement and how it works. It also helps me with my presentation skills and understanding everything in the marketing world. It is FUN because you get to make products & advertisements of your own!”

    Jae’Vion Dailey, Plano West HS

    “I love Sports & Entertainment Marketing. It is my favorite class of the day. The class is enjoyable and interesting, and is taught in a very interactive way. It is a good intro to marketing and teaches really useful information about the marketing business. It has taught me many things like how to figure out what people want in a product and how to brand your product and advertise it to generate new customers. It is a
    good business class and will really help me with my future business endeavors.”

    Bryson Smiley, Plano West HS

    “I love my marketing course and look forward to it every day. Not only is it an enjoyable and engaging class, it’s going to be very beneficial to my future. In marketing, we learn how the world market works and how everything around us can positively or negatively affect the market. We’re always using real situational projects to simulate real world marketing. This is an amazing course and I would recommend it to anyone. “

    Will Bramblett, Plano West HS

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  • Courses may not be offered on every campus. Check with campus counseling department.