• Middle School Career & Technical Courses

  • three students preparing food Student working on computer 3D application group of students at table working on engineering problem

  • Skills and Career Readiness

  • Life and College Readiness

  • Exploring Information & Computer Technology

  • Investigating Audio Visual, Arts & Communications

  • Gateway to Technology

  • “Sewing and cooking has taught me life skills that everyone should know. Learning about careers in each unit of Skills for Living and Life Management has been an eye opener for me. I can’t believe Career and Technology classes have so much to offer.”

    Olivia Rivetna

    “When I get home, I teach my mom new things about sewing.”

    Sydney Wentworth

    “Things I learn in the classroom will stick with me for a few weeks, but skills I’m taught in the kitchen will help me forever!”

    Fatima Ali

    “Learning skills like cooking and sewing is something we will need for the rest of our lives, someday we will teach the next generation. Important skills such as these cannot be a dying art!”

    Cassidy Gordo

  • Courses may not be offered on every campus. Check with campus counseling department.

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