• Middle School Career & Technical Courses

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  • Skills and Career Readiness

    (grade 7 & 8)

    Are you ready to learn skills that will help you for the rest of your life? Want to cook, sew, and learn social, family, and personal skills for a rewarding life and career? Would you like to know about all the different kinds of job opportunities that are available and which one might be right for you? You will develop skills for success in the workplace, college and future careers.

  • Life and College Readiness

    (grade 7 & 8)

    Do you want to build on skills mastered in Skills and Career Readiness? This class takes you to the next level of career and life preparation with practical application for teens. You will study positive self‐image, nutrition, wise consumerism, family and personal relationships, personal management and college and career readiness. Student teams will study nutrition, then plan and implement cooking labs. You will also get to construct a sewing project of your own!

  • Exploring Information & Computer Technology

    (grade 7 & 8)

    Do you love video games? Are you interested in learning how to make and program them? Do you think it would be cool to try your hand at designing the world’s next biggest and most thrilling roller coaster using 3D roller coaster design and simulation software? Want to build and program robots? You will also explore the skills needed for college and career readiness, learn about future job opportunities and develop skills for success in the workplace.

  • Investigating Audio Visual, Arts & Communications

    (grade 7 & 8)

    Do you think it would be fun to design your own city of the future using Sim City? How about using Photoshop to create computer graphics? Want to learn how to use multimedia and presentation software to communicate your ideas? How about using 3D modeling software to make your own designs come to life? While doing fun and engaging activities, you will also explore the skills needed for college and career readiness, learn about future job opportunities and develop skills for success in the workplace.

  • Gateway to Technology

    (grade 8) .5 high school credit

    Calling all 8th grade future engineers! Come and explore how technology is used in engineering to solve everyday problems. Learn to use 3D modeling
    software to design, create and innovate. Are you interested in robotics? You will learn about robots, mechanical systems, machine automation and computer controlled systems. This is a chance for you to learn how to design your future! This is a great place to start if you are curious about how things work. Did you know that you’ll get high school credit for this course? Awesome!

  • “Sewing and cooking has taught me life skills that everyone should know. Learning about careers in each unit of Skills for Living and Life Management has been an eye opener for me. I can’t believe Career and Technology classes have so much to offer.”

    Olivia Rivetna

    “When I get home, I teach my mom new things about sewing.”

    Sydney Wentworth

    “Things I learn in the classroom will stick with me for a few weeks, but skills I’m taught in the kitchen will help me forever!”

    Fatima Ali

    “Learning skills like cooking and sewing is something we will need for the rest of our lives, someday we will teach the next generation. Important skills such as these cannot be a dying art!”

    Cassidy Gordo

  • Courses may not be offered on every campus. Check with campus counseling department.

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