• AP Biology is a two-hour course designed to be the equivalent of an introductory college-level course.  AP Biology is the study of general biological principles as well as the more specialized biological sciences. Cytology, biochemistry, developmental biology, genetics, ecology, and various aspects of adaptation are integrated within the course.  Relationships and applications of concepts within and among the various sciences are explored.  Laboratory investigations are an integral part of the course.  This course prepares students for the Biology Advanced Placement exam. 

    Homework Expectations and Guidelines

    A number of learning methods will be utilized, including lectures, class discussions, group activities, laboratory investigations, reports, independent study, and tests.   Written examinations will take approximately two hours and will include both objective and essay sections.   Approximately 60% of the nine-week grade will come from major activities and 40% from other classroom and independent activities.  Since students will be expected to perform at college level, emphasis will be given to developing better study habits and utilizing time wisely. 

    In May there will be the opportunity to take a nation-wide Advanced Placement Examination in Biology, which is a three-hour exam (including both objective and essay portions).  Understanding laboratory investigations will be an integral part of this exam.  College credit may be obtained provided the student makes an adequate score on the exam. Know that credit is given at the discretion of the university and is NOT determined by credit given at PSHS.  The student should be prepared for the exam if he/she has prepared thoroughly and studies diligently throughout the year.