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  • Advanced Placement Chemistry is a course in which students conduct laboratory investigations, use scientific methods during investigations, and make informed decisions using critical thinking and scientific problem solving. They should have a strong understanding of algebraic concepts and be able to work basic algebraic problems. They must also be able to apply extensive mathematical problem solving skills to relevant chemistry issues. They are expected to justify reasoning using data, prompts or observations and be able to support their thinking. Students should expect to have seven to eight hours of work per week out of class for this college level course.  Knowledge of specific facts of chemistry is essential for an understanding of principles and concepts.  These descriptive facts including the chemistry involved in environmental and societal issues will be woven into the content of the course. The following areas to be covered are: structure of matter, states of matter, reactions, kinetics, various equilibrium systems, thermodynamics, electrochemistry and an introduction to organic chemistry. Students will be expected to spend on average of 4 hours in lab per week. Juniors and seniors who are interesting in pursuing a career in science will find that this course offers an outstanding background that will lead to success in science at the next level. Gaining up to eight hours college credit for the AP examination also makes this course an excellent investment in your future.

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