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  • Spanish II Course Syllabus



    Spanish II continues to introduce students to Spanish language and culture.  Students in this course will develop speaking, writing, and reading proficiency on topics expanded to include life outside of school and in the real world.  Students will be guided in recognizing the interrelationships between cultures and will be able to identify cultural perspectives and practices of the Spanish-speaking world. The focus of this course is developing novice mid-high proficiency.  This course is conducted in Spanish a significant amount of time.

    Trading Places

    In this unit of study, students will compare and contrast their daily lives with those of a Spanish-speaking teen through the lens of an exchange student program in Barcelona, Spain.  They will make comparisons by asking and answering questions, describing people, places, and objects, and expressing their opinions and preferences as justification for their comparisons.  Past experiences and cultural comparisons will influence their communications about daily life.

    Bright Lights, Big City

    In this unit of study, students will navigate the challenges of urban city life through the focus of living in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  They will compare and contrast getting around and meeting their needs in an unfamiliar city with doing the same in their own city.  Past events, personal experiences, and cultural comparisons will support their communications about meeting their needs in an unfamiliar, Spanish-speaking environment.

    A Whole New You

    In this unit of study, students will make connections between health and behavior choices and their consequences.  They will ask for and give advice and recommendations for positive change based on their descriptions of what they used to do.  Cultural comparisons of healthiness and accepted behaviors will guide their communications about past and present habits, routines, and choices.

    Taking a Trip

    In this unit of study, students will explore the necessary preparations for a trip abroad through the focus of traveling to Mexico City.  They will give suggestions and advice for successful international travel and will troubleshoot unexpected issues that occur while traveling.  Cultural comparisons of travel expectations and customs will influence their communications as they narrate about past travel experiences.