• Online Learning Options

  • Plano ISD Online Courses

  • We are excited to offer a new selection of online courses designed by Plano ISD teachers. These can be found in PowerSchool Develop by searching Plano ISD Online Courses and cover a variety of topics:

    This is a great way to earn trade hours! Contact Marcus Miller if you need further assistance with our online courses

    Plano ISD also has nine online courses on a variety of topics relating to the classroom that are available for all teachers in PowerSchool Develop under "PISD Blackboard Online Courses." After registering for the course of interest in PowerSchool Develop, educators can access these online courses on the "PISD Blackboard PD" application through Webdesk. After completing a course, teachers should email Edna.Phythian@pisd.edu to receive credit for the completed assignments; partial credit can be awarded to those who only want to complete specific sections within a course. To sign in to PowerSchool Develop and view course options, click HERE.

  • Other Online Learning Opportunities

  • These reputable online content providers have a variety of courses, webinars, and offerings that might support you as you learn. When browsing for courses, webinars, or micro-credentials, keep in mind the PISD standard of excellence for instruction and guidelines provided in your curriculum documents. For questions about specific courses or recommendations for extended learning on PISD supported best practices, contact your curriculum coordinator or campus administrator.

    Once you complete the learning, you will receive a certificate that you will need to upload to PowerSchool Develop (go to the Out of District Activity tab on the toolbar at the top of the home page) in order to submit it to your Adminsitrator for trade hour approval. Once your administrator has approved the learning, it will transfer to your transcript.