• Course Overview

    Cultural Foundations

    Students will develop an understanding of the factors that determine cultural identity through the six elements of culture.  Major skills practiced in this unit include reading maps, making and justifying decisions, and working cooperatively in teams.


    Cultural Diffusion

    Students will analyze how ancient cultures affected one another in history, how past cultures affect the world today, and how contemporary cultures affect one another in modern day.  Students will study the ways in which ideas transfer from place to place and the impacts they have.  In this unit we will focus on honing skills in thesis generation, research, and analytical thinking.


    Conflict and Cooperation

    Students will explore the concepts of conflict and cooperation by studying examples of real world historical conflicts and evaluate how those conflicts have been solved.  Our focus for this unit is to hone critical thinking and problem solving skills.


    A World in Transition

    Students will explore how the environment, technology, government, and economy impact the development of a nation.  Students will also investigate human rights and see how those rights can be violated first hand through the eyes of the authors who experienced it.    

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