• How to Clear Your Saved Passwords in Chrome After a Network Password Change

    If you choose to allow Chrome to remember your network password, it makes logging into district websites convenient until you go through a forced network password change. Don't worry, it takes just a few clicks to clear out your old password and then you will be smooth sailing again. To manually clear passwords, follow these directions: 

    1. On your computer open Chrome
    2. At the top right, click the vertical three dots (lovingly called the "shish kabob")
    3. Click Settings
    4. At the bottom click Advanced
    5. Under Passwords and forms, click Manage Passwords
    6. Under Saved Passwords, find the website you want your password cleared
    7. Click the three vertical dots on the right and choose Remove

    If that seems like too many steps, the best practice would be to add a tile in Webdesk of the site you are accessing and then let the program keep up with your passwords. Even if you are forced to change your password, it just takes a confirmation in Webdesk and you are all done. For more information on how to use Webdesk, click here!