• Frequently Asked Questions for Credit by Exam (CBE)

    1.  When can a student test for CBE?

    Students in grades 1-12 may take CBE exams four times per year. Testing administrations are listed on the website and are separated by grade level. Kindergarten students may take CBE exams two times per year. *See counselor to determine which administration the student is eligible.

    2.  Can a student take the CBE exam more than once?

    Yes. Students may only attempt acceleration two times for the same course/grade level.

    3.  Can a student attempt the course next in sequence before completing the prerequisite course?

    No, students must complete and earn credit for all prerequisite courses before attempting Credit by Exam for the next course in the sequence.

    4.  What determines whether a student has prior instruction for a CBE exam?

    *Only the students’ guidance counselor will make prior instruction determinations.*

    To participate in the Credit by Exam with prior instruction, the student must have been enrolled in a formal course as evidenced by: 

    1. A transcript from an accredited or non-accredited institution or
    2. Other documentation that establishes evidence of a formal course
      1. A syllabus listing daily assignments
      2. An explanation of the time parameters of the course
      3. Documentation of the student’s performance throughout the course
      4. Documentation of alignments to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills

    5.  Do CBE exam grades get recorded on the transcript?

    If a student passes the CBE exam and is awarded credit, the score will be reported on the transcript. Scores will not be recorded on the transcript if a student does not pass the CBE exam and is not awarded credit.

    6.  Do CBE exams get included in the students’ GPA?


    7.  Is there a CBE exam for EOC courses?

    Yes. Students are able to take a CBE for Algebra I, Biology, English I, English II and US History.

    8.  If a student takes the CBE mid-year when can he/she be placed in the next course/grade level?

    Placement in a new course/grade level will only occur at the start of a school year (or semester for semester courses) regardless of when a CBE for acceleration is taken.

    9.  Will students taking the Middle School or High School tests be notified prior to testing?

    Yes. Students will receive a confirmation letter via the PISD Mobile App two-three weeks prior to testing with exam information.

    10.  When will CBE results be available?

    Students will receive CBE score reports via the PISD Mobile App approximately three-five weeks after testing. Each campus will receive the score reports (via email) sent to the Lead Counselor and Registrar.

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