• How to Enable Student Notes

    Did you know that your students can take notes during your Nearpod presentation!? You just have to be sure to enable this feature before launching your lesson. Here's how!

    1. Click on your user profile on the top right

    2. Select the settings gear by your name

    3. Click Advanced on the left

    4. Under "Enable Student Notes", click to toggle it on. 

    See video below. 

  • Student Notes: How students use it

    After you have enable student notes and then launch a lesson, students will see the notes icon to the right.

    See video below. Note that the email feature will not work for students as they cannot receive emails from outside of our organization. Advise students to use the Google Drive option. 

  • Sharing an editable copy (from a PC)

    1. Click the three horizontal dots on the top right of your Nearpod lesson. 

    2. Click Share.

    3. Select the mail icon on the bottom right. This will launch the Outlook client (won't work on a Chromebook). 

    4. Enter the email address(es) in the Outlook email and hit Send. Done! Recipients will receive two links: one to download the lesson to their library and one to preview the lesson.