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    Alphabetical List of Digital Resources. Find Digital Articles from Magazines, Newspapers, Journals, and More...


    ABC-Clio Social Studies databases

    Search 8 databases: American Government, American History, World at War, US Geography, World Geography, World History: Modern 1500+, World History: Ancient/Medieval, Issues: Understanding Controversy and Society Topic overviews, biographies, documents, images, maps, audio and video recordings. 

    Access World News (NewsBank)

    Includes Full-text Newspaper and magazine articles from US and International sources. Designed to support Model UN and International Baccalaureate Programs. Use for: Global studies, Government & Politics, Debate, Economics, Journalism, Science, Speech.

    American Government (ABC-Clio)

    Includes Full-text Topic overviews, biographies, documents, images, maps, audio and video recordings. Use for: History, Government

    American History (ABC-Clio)

    Includes Full-text. Coverage: 1350 to the present. Topic overviews, biographies, government and court documents, photos, maps, audio and video recordings, statistics, timelines. Use for: History, Government.

     America's Historical Newspapers (1690 - 2000) (NewsBank)

    Digital facsimiles. Searchable by topic or timeline. Includes illustrations, advertisements, classifieds, birth and marriage announcements, obituaries.

    AP Images (AccuWeather)

    Primary source database from the Associated Press. Coverage: 1820 to Present. Photographs, audio sound bites, text, graphics including maps, timelines, logos and graphs. Full copyright protection for use in research papers, theses, reports and PowerPoint presentations.



    Biography Reference Center (Ebsco)

    Includes Full-text biography articles. Includes the full run of articles from Biography Today and Biography Magazine Coverage: Current and historical supporting history, science, the arts, music, literature, multicultural studies, gender studies, business, government & politics, sports, entertainment. Use for: Biographical information on notable people past and present

    Book Collection: Nonfiction (Ebsco)

    Includes Full-text and some abstracts. Search over 4000 Popular, general interest non-fiction books. Core subject areas, biographies, careers, health, sports, adventure, technology, life skills. Lexiled.

    Britannica School Middle (Britannica)

    Includes Full-text Encyclopedia articles, timelines, weblinks, multimedia, maps, more. Use for: General information on a wide variety of subjects.

    Britannica Enciclopedia Moderna (Britannica)

    Spanish language encyclopedia. Search encyclopedia articles, timelines, weblinks, multimedia, maps, more. Use for: General information on a wide variety of subjects


    Chilton Library (Gale)

    Quick online access to repair, maintenance and service information on popular vehicles, with information on actual tear-downs in easy to follow step-by-step procedures.

     CultureGrams (ProQuest)

    Cultural reports for 200 countries, 50 U.S. states, 13 Canadian provinces and territories
    Includes photo gallery, recipe collection, famous people, graphs and tables, National anthem sound files, flags


    Dallas Morning News Historical Archive (NewsBank)

    Includes PDFs of full pages Coverage: 1885-1977 Fully searchable digital facsimiles of the Dallas Morning News browsable by date and topic Search for individual articles, photos, graphics, maps, political cartoons, editorials, obituaries, classified advertisements, recipes

    Discovery Education

    Educational Streaming Videos on demand for use by students and staff


     eBooks from Gale (Gale)

    Includes Full-Text. Collection of popular research books. Dates vary by book. Reference books on Biography, History, and Science.

    eBooks from Infobase (Infobase)

    Includes Full-Text Collection of 400 books Dates vary by book Reference books on a variety of subjucts including Careers, Multicultural studies, Religion and Philosophy, Science and Technology, Sports, US and World History

     Explora for Middle Schools (Ebsco)

    Includes Full-text. Scholarly and multi-disclipnary. Extensive coverage of information in many areas of academic study.


    Facts on File News Services Databases -- all digital resources


    Gale -- Links to all Gale digital resources available to PISD


    Gale Virtual Reference Library -eBooks (Gale)

    Includes Full-text Collection of popular research books including World Biography
    Dates vary by book Reference books on Biography, History, Law, Literature, Medicine, Religion, World Sports

     Environmental Studies (Gale in Context) [Formerly called GREENR]

    Global Reference on the Environment, Energy and Natural Resources Focuses on the physical, social, and economic aspects of environmental issues


    Health and Wellness (Gale)

    Health-related issues with daily periodical and newspaper article updates

    History Reference Center (Ebsco)

    Includes Full-text Articles from reference books and history magazines, historical documents,
    Biographies of historical figures, photos, maps, 80 hours of historical video


     News (Gale OneFile)

    Includes Full-text Updated daily Articles from 1000 newspapers from around the world 1980 to present day

    Issues and Controversies (Infobase)

    Includes Full-text Updated weekly 1995-present Includes in-depth articles on topics, primary sources, newspaper editorials, and editorial cartoons Use for: Hot topic or issue papers in English, Health Sciences, Speech, Social Sciences

    Issues: Understanding Controversy and Society (ABC-Clio)

    Includes Full-text Offers the complete historical background and contemporary status of each issue and provides supporting facts, figures, and timelines Use for: Hot topic or issue papers in English, Health Sciences, Speech, Social Sciences


     Learn360 (Infobase)

    Multimedia resources—including high-quality full-length videos, video clips, images, audio titles, articles, activities, worksheets, interactives, Spanish-language content, and more—on any Internet-enabled device, anytime, anywhere.

    LearningExpress (Ebsco)

    Digital resources that prepare students for college, career, and military by providing authentic practice tests, skill- building exercises, interactive tutorials, helpful eBooks, and articles. Includes access to both the Learning Express Library for public libraries and PrepSTEP for high schools.


    Middle School (Gale in Context) [Formerly called Student Research Center Junior]

    Includes Full-text Designed for middle school. Articles from reference books, magazines and newspapers, multimedia content, primary sources Covers all core curriculum areas, including history, literature, science, social studies Use for: General information on a wide variety of subjects


    NewsBank Popular Periodicals (NewsBank)

    Includes Full-text News articles from well-known magazines Coverage includes the arts, business, careers, culture, family life, history, health,
    people, entertainment, science, sports, and technology

     NoveList K-8 Plus (Ebsco)

    Database of reading recommendations Includes expert recommendations, reviews, articles, lists and more


    Opposing Viewpoints (Gale in Context)

    Premier online resource covering today’s hottest social issues, from Offshore Drilling to Climate Change, Health Care to Immigration.


    Safari Montage Video Streaming

    Educational Streaming Videos on demand.

    Science (Gale in Context)

    A secondary science resource for grades 6-12 with all the features of the popular In Context resources.

    Science Reference Center (Ebsco)

    Includes Full-text Articles from science encyclopedias, reference books, magazines Use for: Biology, Chemistry, Earth & Space science, Environmental Science, Health & Medicine, Life science, Physics, Scientists, Technology and Wildlife.


    Royalty-free audio clips (MP3) Music, loops, sound effects Organized by theme or category.

    Spanish World Book  Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos (World Book)

    Includes Full-text Spanish-language encyclopedia, images, maps, multimedia Use for: General information on a wide variety of subjects

     Student Resources in Context (Gale in Context)

    Provides holistic topic perspectives by integrating a multitude of content, including: Reference articles from acclaimed publications like American Decades Periodical and newspaper articles from the "New York Times", "USA Today", and many others Primary sources, multimedia records, as well as video and audio content


    TeachingBooks.net (TeachingBooks.net)

    A portal to thousands of online resources you can use to explore children's and young adult books and their authors.

    Texas Almanac Online (Texas State Historical Association)

    Includes Full-text Electronic version of the Texas Almanac History, culture, political climate and geography of the state of Texas .

    Texas Historical Newspapers (NewsBank)

    Digital facsimiles Fully searchable Coverage: Texas newspapers published between 1836-1977.




    World Almanac & Book of Facts (Facts on File)

    Includes Full-text Facts, statistics, biographical sketches, charts, graphs, tables, chronologies, timelines, calendars

    World at War (ABC-Clio)

    Includes Full-text Overviews of 14 U.S.-fought wars. Includes timelines, causes and consequences, portraits of opponents, Links to supporting facts, figures, primary sources, and audiovisual content

    World Book Encyclopedia (World Book)

    Includes Full-text Encyclopedia articles, timelines, weblinks, multimedia, maps, more Use for: General information on a wide variety of subjects

    World Book Encyclopedia in Spanish Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos (World Book)

    Includes Full-text Spanish-language encyclopedia, images, maps, multimedia Use for: General information on a wide variety of subjects

    World Geography (ABC-Clio)

    Includes Full-text Country overviews, including culture, political history, economy, political and topographical maps, biographies of notable political and cultural figures.

    World History: Ancient/Medieval Eras (ABC-Clio)

    Includes Full-text Primary and secondary sources, topic overviews, biographies, exploration of historical controversies and dilemmas Covers human history from prehistoric times to the beginnings of the Renaissance, ranging beyond Western civilization to include worldwide perspective

    World History: Modern Era: 1500+ (ABC-Clio)

    Includes Full-text Primary sources including treaties and proclamations, speeches, newsreel footage and photographs, era explorations, biographies of notable figures, country overviews and exploration of historical controversies.