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    Campus Job Openings

  • * You must complete a PISD Job Application to be considered for a position. Once completed, send a letter of interest and resume to the campus jobs email. To view job descriptions, please visit the pooled positions in which the job description is attached.

    Current Openings:

    Academy | academyjobs@pisd.edu
    • Biology Teacher
      Comp. Science/Engineering
      Algebra I Teacher
      Algebra II Teacher

    Armstrong | armstrongjobs@pisd.edu
    • English Teacher Grade 6 & 7
      Spanish Teacher (Split Campus)

    Bowman | bowmanjobs@pisd.edu
    • Special Education Department Head
      Girls PE/Coach
      Instructional Coach

    Carpenter | carpenterjobs@pisd.edu
    • SPED Teacher (Math)

    Clark | clarkjobs@pisd.edu
    • Special Education Structured Classroom Teacher (Strive, ELC, Focus)
      Cheerleading Coach (English,Spanish or Social Studies Teacher)
      Spanish Teacher
      SPED Inclusion Teacher
      Academic Literacy
      ESL Teacher

    Frankford | frankfordjobs@pisd.edu
    • TX History Teacher/Boys Coach
      6/7th Grade ELAR Teacher
      Spanish Teacher
      Math ESL Teacher

    Guinn Special Programs | spcjobs@pisd.edu

    Haggard | haggardjobs@pisd.edu
    • Special Education Structured Teacher

    Hendrick | hendrickjobs@pisd.edu
    • English Teacher 6-8 & Girls Coach (Volleyball/Basketball/Track)
      SPED Structured Teacher(RISE)

    Jasper | jasperjobs@pisd.edu
    • Math Teacher
      Math Teacher/Coach
      Special Ed Teacher/Coach
      JROTC Teacher
      Agriculture Teacher

    McMillen | mcmillenjobs@pisd.edu
    • Special Education Teacher
      SPEd Department Chair
      Choir Director
      English Teacher

    Murphy | murphyjobs@pisd.edu
    • SPED Structured Teacher (Elevate)
      Math Teacher (7th Grade)
      ELAR Teacher (7th or 8th Grade)
      Speech/Theatre Teacher
      Health/Social Studies Teacher
      Choir Director
      CTE Teacher

    Otto | ottojobs@pisd.edu
    • English Teacher
      SPED Resource Math Teacher

    Plano East Senior High | planoeastjobs@pisd.edu
    • CTE Teacher (Law Enforcement)
      Spanish Teacher
      Engineering Science/Precalculus

    Plano Senior High | planoseniorjobs@pisd.edu
    • Agriculture Teacher
      ELC Teacher
      SPED Strive Teacher
      SPED Elevate Teacher
      Audio Visual Productions
      Auto Tech
      Health Science
      Journalism Teacher
      ESL Math Teacher
      Tech Theatre Teacher

    Plano West Senior High | planowestjobs@pisd.edu
    • ESL Teacher
      SPED Structured Teacher (Elevate)

    Renner | rennerjobs@pisd.edu
    • ESL Math 7th Grade
      ESL Science
      ESL ELAR
      ESL Social Studies
      Math 8
      Math 7th grade
      Science 6/7
      ELAR 7/8
      Math SPED Resource
      Structured SPED Teacher (STRIVE)
      Dyslexia Specialist
      Speech Language Pathologist
      ESL Math 6th Grade
      SPED Resource Teacher ELAR
      Social Studies Teacher 7th Grade/Coach
      ELAR 7th Grade Teacher
      Dyslexia Support Teacher
      Skills For Living Teacher

    Rice | ricejobs@pisd.edu
    • Orchestra Assistant Director
      Audio Visual Arts & Communications/Information and Computer Technology
      Part Time Art Teacher
      6th Grade Social Studies/Girls Coach (prefer Volleyball experience)
      8th Grade Social Studies Teacher/Boys Coach

    Robinson | robinsonjobs@pisd.edu
    • Technology (CTE) Teacher
      English Teacher
      SPED Teacher(Inclusion)
      SPED English Resource/Inclusion Teacher
      SPED Structured Teacher (Elevate)
      SPED Structured Teacher (ELC)

    Schimelpfenig | schimelpfenigjobs@pisd.edu
    • SPED Teacher (English/Resource)

    Shepton | sheptonjobs@pisd.edu
    • Algebra Teacher
      English Teacher
      English Teacher/Yearbook
      ESL (Math)Teacher
      Geometry Teacher
      Social Studies Teacher/Football Coach
      World Geography Teacher/Coach
      World History Teacher/Coach

    Solomon Center | solomoncenterjobs@pisd.edu
    • Special Education Adult Transition Teacher

    Vines | vinesjobs@pisd.edu
    • Math Teacher - Algebra I and II
      Special Education Teacher (Resource English)
      SPED Structured Teacher (Elevate)
      Spanish Teacher
      French Teacher
      SPED Resource/Coach (Social Studies)
      FCS Teacher
      Professional Communications Teacher
      AVID Teacher

    Williams | williamsjobs@pisd.edu
    • SPED Teacher (2)
      English Teacher/Coach
      Math Teacher/Coach
      ASL Teacher
      Health Science Teacher

    Wilson | wilsonjobs@pisd.edu
    • Secondary Teacher (7th Grade Social Studies/Coaching-Football/Basketball)
      Secondary Teacher (6th Social Studies)
      ESL/AVID Excel Teacher
      8th Grade English Teacher
      SPED Resource ELA/Volleyball/Basketball Coach
      Spanish Teacher (Split Campus)

  • 2024-2025 Minimum Teacher Salary$61,000 Bachelors  $2,000 Masters Stipend

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