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    Campus Job Openings

  • * You must complete a PISD Job Application to be considered for a position. Once completed, send a letter of interest and resume to the campus jobs email. To view job descriptions, please visit the pooled positions in which the job description is attached.

    Current Openings:

    Armstrong | armstrongjobs@pisd.edu

    Carpenter | carpenterjobs@pisd.edu

    Frankford | frankfordjobs@pisd.edu
    • Assistant Special Education
      Assistant ISS
      ESL Assistant

    Guinn Special Programs | spcjobs@pisd.edu
    • Classroom Assistant

    Haggard | haggardjobs@pisd.edu
    • SPED Assistant

    Hendrick | hendrickjobs@pisd.edu
    • Special Education Assistant
      Special Education Structured Assistant
      Office Manager

    Jasper | jasperjobs@pisd.edu
    • Office Manager (beginning in 2024-2025 school year)

    Mcmillen | mcmillenjobs@pisd.edu
    • Special Education Paraprofessional
      Attendance Clerk
      ISS Teacher
      Campus Technology Assistant

    Murphy | murphyjobs@pisd.edu
    • Teaching Assistant-Structured Classroom-Achieve

    Otto | ottojobs@pisd.edu
    • SPED Assistant Inclusion
      SPED Connect Assistant
      Counselor Clerk

    Plano Senior High | planoseniorjobs@pisd.edu
    • SPED Assistant
      Assistant Registrar

    Plano West Senior High | planowestjobs@pisd.edu
    • Campus Clerk
      Secretary Counselor
      Attendance Secretary
      Campus Secretary
      ESL Assistant

    Renner | rennerjobs@pisd.edu
    • Clerk Campus
      Special Education Assistant
      ESL Assistant

    Rice | ricejobs@pisd.edu
    • Assistant SPED Structured

    Robinson | robinsonjobs@pisd.edu
    • Attendance Clerk

    Schimelpfenig | schimelpfenigjobs@pisd.edu
    • Special Education Assistant
      Special Education Structured Assistant

    Shepton | sheptonjobs@pisd.edu
    • ISS Supervisor
      Finance Clerk
      SPED Assistant

    Solomon Center | solomoncenterjobs@pisd.edu
    • Special Education ATC Assistant
      Campus Clerk

    Vines | vinesjobs@pisd.edu
    • Counselor Assistant
      Special Education Assistant
      ESL Assistant
      Assistant SPED Structured Teacher

    Williams | williamsjobs@pisd.edu
    • Special Education Assistant

    Plano East Senior High | planoeastjobs@pisd.edu
    • Assistant SPED
      Assistant Principal Secretary
      Assistant Registrar
      Assistant ESL