• Professional Goal

    Use my communication, creative- and critical-thinking skills to foster a 21st Century learning environment by promoting success and high expectations.



    Post-Graduate ESL Certification - 2018

    Post-Graduate Principal Certification – December 2012

    I Teach Texas

    Denton, TX

    Post-Graduate Educator Certification – January 2007

    I Teach Texas

    Denton, TX

    Master of Journalism / Minor English – December 2004

    Mayborn School of Journalism

    University of North Texas

    Denton, TX

    Bachelor of Arts in English / Minor Journalism – July 2002

    University of North Texas

    Denton, TX


    Education Certifications

    Principal Certification EC-12

    Technology Education 6-12

    Journalism 8-12

    English/Language Arts/Reading



    Professional Experience


    Vines High School –

    2020 – English 1 Honors and Yearbook

    2021 – English 1 and 2 Honors and Yearbook


    Northwest High School – Yearbook Teacher (August 2008 – 2019)

    • Oversee the yearbook budget for production of a large-scale yearbook with the

    average cost of around $70,000

    • Monitor student progress on pages as they write stories, take photographs,

    meet deadlines, and design pages

    • Complete deadlines as needed – on time or early
    • Organize the page ladder, and see that every area receives coverage in the book
    • Promote the use of technology through an online design program


    Northwest High School – Junior English Teacher (2017 - 2019)

    • Work with students to improve their reading comprehension and analysis
    • Prepare the students for the SAT
    • Encourage proper grammar, punctuation, and creativity in written work
    • Incorporate journals in every day work
    • Work with diagnosticians to find out how best to help each student


    Northwest High School – Photojournalism Teacher (August 2008 – 2019)

    • Teach students the skills they need to take a properly exposed photograph
    • Encourage the use of technology by using up-to-date editing software, cameras

    and flash technology

    • Show students how to think critically about their work, and how to self-evaluate

    the products they create in class

    • Help students complete large hands-on projects in class
    • Photojournalism club sponsor


    Northwest High School – Dyslexia Coordinator (August 2012- 2018)

    • Improve personal education about dyslexia through Professional Development
    • Facilitate an annual community discussion about dyslexia
    • Review dyslexia test scores as needed


    Northwest High School – Senior English Teacher (August 2012-2016)


    Northwest High School – Freshmen English Teacher (August 2010-2011)


    Northwest High School – Sophomore English Teacher (August 2007-2009)


    Northwest High School – Journalism Teacher (August 2007-2008)


    Nimitz High School – Freshman English, Newspaper, Yearbook Teacher (December 2006-July



    Dallas Morning News – Copy Editing and Design (2005-2007)

    Awards, Recognition, Activities

    • Leap and Lead – educational leadership program at Northwest ISD
    • Organized guest speakers Elizabeth McCormick (Black Hawk Pilot) and John

    Bramblitt (Internationally-known blind artist) for the 2012-2013 school year

    • Coached UIL academics for news writing, feature writing, editorial writing and

    headline writing

    • Northwest High School Fine Arts teacher of the six weeks – 5th six weeks (2012)
    • Mayborn Scholar (2003-Present)
    • Jeanne Cleary Security on Campus Award for investigative reporting article

    about crimes on college campuses (2005)

    • Publication in Fort Worth Weekly
    • Mayborn Scholarship (2003)
    • Managing Editor North Texas Literary Review (2002)
    • Publication in Cover Magazine (2002)
    • Publication in Fifth Street Literary Review (2001)