• Plano West Information

    Important Details about the Plano West Hybrid Schedule beginning September 9th

    Beginning September 9, students who have selected to attend face-to-face will begin coming to the Plano West campus for instruction 2 days a week, and the students who selected the PISD School@Home environment will continue learning remotely and will have synchronous instruction 2 days a week. The purpose for implementing the hybrid schedule at the high school and senior high school campuses is to reduce the number of students on campus at one time in order to provide a safe and socially distanced environment. It also reduces the number of students in the School@Home classes, so students will have more opportunities to participate and engage with one another in their learning. 

    Students in both learning environments will be divided into two cohorts based on the student’s last name. Students who selected the face-to-face learning environment will be on campus for their synchronous instruction two days per week and will learn from home through asynchronous instruction three days per week. Cohort A (students with the last name starting with A-L) will be on campus on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Cohort B (students with the last name starting with M-Z) will be on campus Wednesdays and Fridays. Again, on the days face to face students are not at school, they will participate in asynchronous learning through remote instruction at home. 

    Students who selected School@Home will participate in synchronous instruction two days per week as well, but their live instruction will be delivered via the computer, rather than on campus. The cohorts are divided with the same alpha split as the Face to Face students. Cohort A (last name A-L) will have synchronous instruction on Tuesday/Thursday and Cohort B (last name M-Z) will have synchronous instruction on Wednesday/Friday. On the other school days, they will participate in asynchronous learning.

    Mondays are reserved for asynchronous instruction for all students in both learning environments. The only synchronous instruction on Mondays will be during 2nd period homeroom from 9:56-10:50. Attendance will be taken in 2nd period homeroom, and important campus information/announcements/updates will be shared during this time. 

    A color-coded calendar is located on page 4, which shows where a student should be according to their cohort and learning environment. It is imperative that students and their parents/guardians closely review this calendar, so they will know when they should and should not be at school. 

    On page 2, you will find the new bell schedule for both F2F and School@Home students. Students need to closely review this schedule because there are now 2 lunches (A and B). Lunches are determined based on who a student's teacher is during 4th period.

    Please remember students can find tutoring times, office hours and their teachers’ emails listed on their Google Classroom pages in the PISD Webdesk.

    Plano West Bell Schedule

    *Your lunch time A or B is determined by who you have as your 4th period teacher. 

    Please see the teacher list spreadsheet below.

    Plano West Sr. High Lunch Schedule for September 2020 -  May 2021

    A Lunch - 11:46 to 12:36        B Lunch - 12:42 to  1:33

    Armour, Brad A   Kellar, Kayla A   Albertson, Dean B   Leito, Kattie B
    Barkhurst, Karelyn A   King, Jo A   Alloju, Linda B   Lowrey, Steven B
    Barkhurst, William A   Kirpach, Wes A   Bailey, Robin B   Mateo, Sarah B
    Begis, Lee Ann A   Langford, Shawn A   Begis, Ashlee B   Mayer, Nicole B
    Blackstone, Stacy A   Larkin, Jan A   Bincsik, Michelle B   Mendez, Leanne B
    Blakley, Sharonda A   Lazard, Kristen A   Blalock, Christie B   Miller, Jodi B
    Bower, Graham A   Leraas, Nathan A   Chung, Erica B   Miller, Kalyn B
    Brennan, Kelly A   McCain, Rafe A   Conklin, Kathy B   Milstein, Amy B
    Brockman, Jennifer A   McLaughlin, Sherry A   Council, Sara B   Moody, Todd B
    Burgdorf, Ami A   McQuiston, Cassidy A   Cox, Daniel B   Morgan, Anthony B
    Carroll, David A   McWilliams, Shannon A   Darracott, Doug B   Myers, Justin B
    Cheung, William A   Mendeola, Yesenia A   Davis, Olivia B   Pappachan, Smitha B
    Chidichimo, Mandy A   Mintcheva, Mina A   Digby, Jackie B   Pettit, Lynn B
    Collett, Melissa A   Mitchell, Cynthia A   Drake, Julia B   Pfeiffer, Jesse B
    Connelly, Kerri A   Molyet, Bob A   Evarts, Richard B   Pierce, Preston B
    Croman, Bob A   Moore, Hayley A   Fairchild, Sean B   Pitts, Phillip B
    Davison, Michael A   Navarro, Juan A   Flowers, Helen B   Rambo, Heather B
    DeSousa, Julie A   Nelson, Barbara A   Frye, Phillip B   Reynolds, Mark B
    Dodd, Meghann A   Ortiz, Maria Del Mar A   Fung, Sam B   Rideaux, Desiree B
    Dupuis-Ho, Francine A   Poland, Amanda A   Garg, Puja B   Robinson, Brian B
    Elizondo, Becky A   Pruett, Jerry A   Gaston, Jeanine B   Ross, Ryan B
    Elliott, Judith A   Ratsdakhom, Emily A   Gifford, Lillian B   Ryon, Caleb B
    English, Kelli A   Reidling, Valerie A   Goff, John B   Sato, Akira B
    Feagans, Brendon A   Robinson, Kristi A   Goodloe, Clay B   Satre, Brennon B
    Ferenscheutz, Oliver A   Ryckman, Jacob A   Graf, Cristen B   Schmerker, John B
    Fitzgerald, Brian A   Samuels, Stacy A   Gross, Amy B   Sciandra, James B
    Gardner, Robert A   Sanders, Nona A   Grundler, Matthew B   Scott, John B
    Gomez, Celine A   Sands, Aaron A   Hadley, Alison B   Smith, Jennifer B
    Graf, John  A   Sharma, Emily A   Hightower, Thomas B   Soomro, Mahpara B
    Grassi, Kristen A   Shehan, Teri A   Hills, Chloe B   Stewart, Nila B
    Grizzle, Jerry A   Smith, Cherie A   Hoffman, Jennifer B   Sutphen, Sheryl B
    Hackworth, Alex A   Smith, Jennifer K. A   Holden, Robert B   Tabanian, Galina B
    Hardison, Carol A   Snoddy, Siletha A   Holland, Robey B   Tyler, Stephen B
    Hardison, Rick  A   Stager, Phillip A   Hudson, Heather B   VanDerven, David B
    Hellmann, Amanda A   Stricklin, Sarah A   Ishman, Tracy B   Walker, Morgen B
    Hester, Katrina A   Wolfe, Jeff  A   Jaynes, Gay B   Walta, Mike B
    Hollis, Brittany A   Wu, Jiang A   Jones, Frederica B   Wang, Andrew B
    Holub, James A         Keahey, Robert B   Waters, Justin B
    Johnston, David A         Kinard, Christine B   Wegleitner, Melissa B
                Kincaid, Ted  B   Weinberg, Olivia B
                Kohorst, Nickolas B   Zivin, Rebecca B
                Krajca, MIcah B      
                Kroog, Helmuth B      


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