World History
  • World History covers information starting from 10,000 BCE to the present day. The course is divided into 8 Units. Each unit will have it's own Digital Interactive Notebook (INB). The INB contains all of the activities/assignments for the unit. Each day, a Google Slides presentation will be posted that contains the necessary information and/or video links to complete the assignment in the INB. All of the information is posted on Google Classroom. 


  • Fall Semester

    - Ancient Civilizations

    - Classical Civilizations

    - Post-Classical Civilizations

    - Global Connections


  • Spring Semester

    - Revolutions

    - Industrialization & Imperialism

    - Times of Crisis (2 Parts)

    - International Interactions


    2nd Period: PCMX42C

    4th Period: 6TDKERQ