• Summer School

    Students in the summer program are given opportnities to study curriculum that reinforces and/or enriches skills and knowledge learned during the regular school year.  Two types of curricula are offered: reinforcement of the regular program and enrichment programs.  Classes are designed to provide students with an environment that is both stimulating and encouraging.

    More About Summer School Programs

    Night School
    The Plano ISD Night School program for grades 9-12 is designed to provide high school students with opportunities to master the essential elements of incomplete/failed courses.  For students, night school provides an upbeat, challenging program.  For teachers, night school offers an opportunity to develop and implement innovative strategies which stimulate learning.  The staff has high standards for achievement and citizenship for every student.  Excellence is expected and rewarded.  Instruction is focused to meet the needs of various styles and abilities.

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Summer / Night School Staff

Mike Landingham
Student and Family Services
Elizabeth Williamson
Student and Family Services